Month: March 2020


I have been given an English class presentation about the war on Iraq in Newsweek. I am allowed to operate any type of technology to convey my subject to the audience. In order to make my presentation effective: I will have to collect all the information on our present situation with the war on Iraq, …

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War with Iraq

War with Iraq As the United States has increased its stature as a democratic imperialistic super power, so has the threat to its nation’s security- both its citizens and its military. The events of September 11th changed the way Americans viewed the world. We once thought ourselves as invincible because of our military strength; however, …

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War on iraq

Why War on Iraq? This assignment has strengthened and given support to my stance against the war in Iraq. Up until maybe a few weeks ago, I was in a kind of limbo with regard to my opinion on the Iraq situation. I was fairly uninformed “sometime after September 11th, 2001 (and to an extent, …

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