Month: June 2020

Academic Essay

ACADEMIC WRITING Writing an Essay of Argumentation “Now this is the way I see it…” Discussion: First, choose a topic for which you are able to write the following: (a) a proposition or main point that you will argue for, (b) argument(s) supporting your proposition, (c) argument(s) opposing your proposition. Second, look for information (evidence) …

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Three Kings

THREE KINGS Three Kings is a movie about three men that believe that they are getting ripped off by the US Army. They heard that there was Kuwaiti gold hidden somewhere in the Middle East. So the three men began their journey for the gold, thinking that it was an easy, low-risk plan. When they …

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U.N. Sanctions on Iraq

The United Nations sanction program against Iraq was designed to impact the economy, thereby limiting the actions of the countries leader and creating an atmosphere to direct change (Gordon 18). While there is considerable research that suggests that the economic impacts of these sanctions have hurt the general population more than the leadership, there are …

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