Effects Of Gun Control

Does gun control an effecttive way to prevent mass shootings
In December 2012, 20 years old Alan Lonzon kills 20 children in the Sandy hook elementary school. Could gun control prevent this deadly mass murder Gun control has been a very controversial topic in United States. Our government should care about this issue because innocent people die every year in the United States. Gun control will not prevent mass shooting because legal guns are easily accessible to anyone, it’s also very easy to make nowadays a gun with a 3D printer. Most of the time, mental health can be the reason why such horrible events occur. In my opinion the government should think of another way to reinforce gun control. According to the second amendment, people have right to keep and bear arms, meaning that taking guns away from people would be a violation of the second amendment. Today, it is very easy for a person to buy a gun through the internet or just to a local store. However, the problem here is not about selling guns but who they sell the guns. Most of the people who commit mass shooting use register guns. In fact, the guns used in 18 recent mass shooting were legally bought with a federal background check(Larry Buchanan, Josh Keller, Richard A. Oppel Jr. and Daniel Victor, 2017). In 2012 Mr. Kelley was in Air force, in 2017 he was responsible for the murders of 26 people, the guns he used to kill the 26 people were approved by a federal background check. The problem here is that, previously, Kelley was in jail for a year because he assaulted his wife; obviously, the provider of the gun knew that he was in jail but sold him the gun anyways. Another issue was that the Air force didn’t register him as a convictive, so that was the reason why he pass the background of the failure of the United States system.
Also, with the progress of technology, people can make guns from their own house. In 2017 the first gun is created from an 3D printer; the most chocking thing is that a 3D gun is legal in the United States because everybody has access on it. Those guns are weapons that can cause a mass murder. Since a 3D printer can make automatic or semi-automatic as well as an A-47, it is a destructive fire arm, in other words very dangerous weapon. Those guns can be purchased online and people can also download the design and print it with a 3D printer. Technology plays an essential role into the usage of guns. Which in many regard disable the government’s ability to establish gun control.
Another factor is Mental health. Mental health is one of the reason of the mass shootings occurs. The average of the people who commit mass shooting ted to have a mental disorder. From that derives, suicide, or homicides. For instance, both shooters from Sandy Hook elementary school and from the Texas church had a medical history about their mental illnesses and both commit suicide after their horrible act. It is very difficult to tell if someone have mental illness. Because people with mental illness look as ordinary as any other individuals, which doesn’t say a lot about the person’s motive. Someone who intend a mass shooting is most likely to deturn the system and get the guns, because it is a premeditated act. The government is not looking in depth about gun control. In other words, there should be restriction and structured protocol to sell and buy guns. If there is no structured protocol, the issue about gun control will not end at all.
Some people argue that gun control prevent mass shooting, it will be only possible if the government makes the gun harder to access or to buy, usage of a stricter background check with a mental health history check before buying a gun. The government could ban rifles, especially automatic and semi-automatic fire arm because those fires arms are generally used for wars. Rifles such as A-47 could cause a lot damage, citizen should not use those fire arms. Nonetheless, the army should have access to the semi-automatic and automatic fire arms. Gun control can also regulate the number of bullets and fire arms an individual should buy, because people do not need a large amount of weapons and bullets.
Gun control will not stop the mass shooting, because the issue is not the guns, but it is the people who sells the guns. In United States guns are very easy to access, to buy and to make. But also, there is no structured protocols that are establish when it comes to sell a gun or to buy it. Mental illness, is also one of the main factors that could lead to mass shootings, however the government should consider the accountability to protect the people. Besides, the only way to do so is not to ban guns, but establish laws that makes guns difficult to access. People can also other use weapons to commit a mass murder, it’s is not only about gun, but criminal can use bomb explosive, a truck, a car to commit a mass murder. In fact, in 2016, at France a man uses a truck a kill 84 people. This shows that gun control will not prevent people from committing mass murders. Concluding, gun control is a very complex issue to address in the United States, because of many factors. But the government should take a step and bring awareness and restrictions to avoid any mass shooting in the future.