Gun And Control The Causes Of Gun Control

Imagine two people sprawled dead across the living room, people debating whether it was an accident or not, and whether the gun should have been in the hands of the shooter or not. Whether it’s be because of police brutality, home invasion or mass shooting, gun control has become one of the most heated political debate of the 21st century. While some people believe there should be tighter laws on gun control, others believe that it would be violating second amendment rights, the right to bear arms, whether people have an opinion or not there are many facts that go into picking a side.
Some people believe there should be a tighter laws for guns, so that the suicide rates and mass shootings would be less likely. With “…Guns [causing] more than 30,000 deaths annually, on average ⅔ [of which being] suicides”(Bloomberg) guns have a major involvement within the suicide epidemic in America is a strong reason why people feel that America should have tighter gun control. Another point that pro gun law advocates like to make is “Australia enforce tighter control on guns after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, since then there have been no mass shootings and homicide and suicide rate have dropped tremendously..” Australia’s after the Port Arthur Massacre is a prime example of what America could have if they had stricter laws on gun control. In Maryland governor Martin O’Malley said “I wants to broaden the range of people banned from owning guns to include those who have been civilly committed to mental institutions at any time.” (Rapoport, 2).This kind of action is also being pushed in other states,but in the article Guns-Not the Mentally Ill Kill People it stated “On the whole, those with mental illness are responsible for only 5 percent of violent crimes.(Rapoport, 3) But in actuality in “one study, “people with mental illness are 11 times more likely to be the victims of violence.
Another belief is that stricter laws on gun control would be violating second amendment rights, the right to bear arms, because guns are used for hunting and self defence. People that support this opinion point out that mass shooting must involve a high magazine to have a high death toll so if america keeps a stricter control of military grade and automatic weapons and not allow them to the public mass shooting would significantly decrease The AR-15 assault rifle is a military-style weapon designed to feature high-capacity ammunition magazines capable of firing up to 30 rounds of ammunition without reloading.” The public should be restricted on how advanced their weapons should be, because a assault weapon is not needed for self-defence or to shoot a deer.“Since a ban on assault rifle expired in 2004, violent crime in america has plummeted and both fatal and non-fatal shooting have as dropped” This show banning more violent weapons will make crime go down, if any more weapons are banned, the american public will not be able to protected against violent criminals, in meaning of self-defence. The american public uses guns to protect themselves against shootings and if guns were taken away if could cause fatal and non-fatal shooting to rise along with the rates of violent crime in America. Plus, a person is less likely to attack if they know the defender have a weapon, “John R. Lott Jr. teaches criminal deterrence and law and economics at the University of Chicago. In the following viewpoint, Lott claims that defensive gun use occurs more frequently and is more effective than the media report. He argues that a criminal is less likely to attack a potential victim when he or she fears that victim might be armed. Moreover, according to Lott, statistics show that using a gun to resist an attack results in less risk of serious injury, especially for women” (Lott 1) this show gun are a meaning of self defence and, the american public should have the right to bear arms.
While some people stricter control on guns, others believe that such laws would be violating second amendment rights, the right to bear arms. Whether, people have an opinion or not, it’s good to have factual evidence to support opinions.Would tighter laws on gun control be violating second amendment rights or helping the american public Pick a side because there’s no way to tell that anything will succeed or not if we never act on ideas.