Gun Control Not The Solution

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Gun control is a very controversial topic throughout the country. Some people think there needs to be stricter laws on gun control while others think there needs to be more lenient laws on gun control. Gun free zones are the most prone places to have mass shootings, college campuses being one of them.
In an article titled, OPINION Gun Control Not the Answer, by Garrett Marcel, a 21-year-old petroleum engineer from Houma Louisiana. He talks about his opinion on what needs to happen to prevent future mass shootings on college campuses and other school grounds. Marcel States, “Gun-free zones are only effective when every individual is screened before entering” (1). What he means by this is that gun free zones that are not screened is an open invitation to murderers for a mass shooting. Everyone within that gun-free zone has nothing to defend themselves from a gun, they are just sitting ducks. As stated by Marcel, “Honestly, to a criminal, gun-free zones are nothing more than a turkey shoot” (1). He believes that we need to rely on the citizens to carry firearms because law enforcement will never respond in time before the killing is done. In the article titled, The Word WeaversThe World Makers, by Neil Postman he talks about three verbal issues in today’s society, those being, definitions, questions, and metaphors. Metaphors can be used to describe something and can also be used to get a point across to an audience over a certain topic. As stated by Postman, “poets use metaphors to help us see and feel” (1). Although Marcel is not a poet by any means, he uses a metaphor comparing gun-free zones to a turkey shoot for criminals. He uses this to help illustrate how easy it is for a criminal to have access to people that are vulnerable and helpless. There has been some very deadly shooting in past history, many taking place on school grounds.
Schools and college campuses are one of the most vulnerable gun free zones. Back in 2007 at Virginia Tech a man walked into and engineering hall, locked all the doors and then proceeded to brutally murder 32 people inside that building until killing himself 10 to 12 minutes before police starting to arrive. 2012 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, a freak walked into the school murdering 26 children and faculty. It took police 10 minutes to arrive at the school, by that time the damage was done. In 1999 at Columbine High School the shooting lasted one hour and it took the police two hours to enter the building, 15 students were killed. The point of sharing just these few school shootings is not the fact they were on school grounds and also gun-free zones. The fact is how long it took police to arrive at the scene. It does not matter if the shooting is 2 minutes or one hour, it needs to be stopped right away. There is only one way to end it when the police are not there and that is to be able to conceal carry a firearm on school grounds.
The only way to prevent mass shootings is to get rid of gun free zones including on college campuses and school grounds. Students on campus should have the option to conceal carry on campus. Am I saying that anyone can conceal carry if they want, no I am not. They would have to have a psychological check on those individuals. They will also need to have cooperation with the campus police along with needing to complete a firearm safety course to be given the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon. Police cannot and will not response fast enough if a shooting would occur. However, if someone would have a concealed weapon in the building of the shooting, it could be ended a lot sooner rather than waiting for law enforcement to arrive. As a result, it will save lives and that is what matters. One thing gun control advocates have troubles understanding is that someone that is going to commit a shooting will not care about any laws. They will not care about anything but killing as many people as they can. So why take guns away from the good people that will never commit these crimes and have to potential of ending the it and saving lives Give the guns back to the good people rather them away from them.
Marcel uses Australia as an example that guns are not the problem to this issue. Australia’s suicide rate went down 57 percent and their homicide rate went down 42 percent. Marcel states, “It’s not rocket science to figure this one out… How could these people kill themselves with guns or murder people with guns if the guns were destroyed The tools of murder are not the issue” (1). Again, Marcel uses a metaphor to describe to us how simple the solution is to this problem of school shootings.
Referring back to Postman, he believes that metaphors are used by everyone that is trying to say something about the world. Biologist, physicists, historians, salesman, and many other people use metaphors in one way or another to help get their point across. As stated by Postman, “A metaphor is not an ornament. It is an organ of perception. Through metaphors, we see the world as one thing or another” (1). What Postman is trying to say is that metaphors are used as a way to get a point across and to form different point of views of a certain topic. Different people use different forms of metaphors based off of their profession and opinions.
There are many benefits to having the ability to conceal carry on college campuses. Guns are not the issue in school shootings, it is the people. Having that ability to carry will save more lives and prevent more school shootings. With the response time of police not being fast enough, someone needs to be there as soon as it occurs to put it to an end. The only way to stop an evil person with a gun is a good person with a gun. You pick, do you want the good guy with a gun to it to be the guy you are sitting by in your bio class or a police officer that will show up after the damage is done I know which one I would choose.