The Dangers Of Gun Control

Gun Control is one of the major issues that not only does America have, but the whole world. Gun Control is a set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. In 2007, it was estimated that there were globally about 875 million small arms in the hands of civilians, law enforcement agencies, and armed forces. Of these firearms, 650 million or 75%, were held by civilians and 270 million were U.S. civilians. The U.S. should crackdown on guns by creating stricter gun laws now or else what beholds later generations to come with all the gun violence we have today.
One issue that America has with gun control are background checks. These massacres aren’t always involved with illegal guns, but with legally purchased and documented guns. Simply enforcing mandatory and stricter background checks can help with reducing these catastrophes. According to the NY Times article America Used to Be Good at Gun Control. What Happened by Robert Spitzer, he mentions that “many mass shooters do give indications of impending violence to those around them, and only a few states have any measures in place to pick up on that.” He claims that background checks won’t always tell you what you need to be aware of, but a lot of other hints such as relationships and behavior can aid in identifying someone who’s not capable of handling a firearm. Federal law mandates that only retail gun stores have to conduct criminal background checks when selling firearms. Transactions between two individuals are not regulated, allowing those without rap sheets to pass guns on easily to those with a less trustworthy backgrounds. Certain states have introduced their own laws to close that loophole. These laws should be implemented worldwide and not just in certain states. We know that not every background check can tell if someone’s a terrorist or not, but with deeper and better background checks we can help reduce the possibilities.
Another possible factor to preventing more possible mass shootings is to make sure that gun owners are more responsible with their guns, especially those with a firearm in their household. In a lot of recent cases, most of these shootings were with a registered gun of a documented owner. The issue is that it doesn’t mean they were all necessarily by the gun owners themselves. In some cases, a kid of an owner or friend could be the one to commit a crime or use a weapon without permission. Dan Gross mentions in his TED Talk that people are dying and “a lot of those people are children.” Everyday in the U.S., 9 kids shoot themselves unintentionally. Every year about 900 children and teens take their own lives with the weapons they steal from their parents. These gun owners are allowing their kids or anyone they know that can have access to the weapon to potentially harm themselves or other people by not securing their guns properly in a safe. More from the TED Talk, Dan Gross explains how gun violence can be stopped if we allow it to. If we shine a little light on a heavy topic, it’s eventually going to turn out grabbing everyone’s attention. He mentions how actions that were the norm back then have turned out in today’s society as unwelcomed or frowned upon, for example driving without seatbelts, smoking while pregnant or in front of kids, sexually harassing coworkers. If this country finds a common ground between those who say no to guns and those who use it for sport such as hunting then maybe the country can lead somewhere. In the meantime, making sure the U.S. are selling guns to the right people is crucial.
The most recent event that sparked the topic of gun control again, was the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. This shooting was the largest and deadliest in U.S. history, with over 50 dead and over 540 injured. The police discovered that the shooter had a cache of 23 weapons inside of his suite with 12 of them modified to shoot faster. The U.S. should have limitations on how many firearms an individual can own. The fact that a civilian can legally own 23 weapons is ridiculous and needs to be controlled. In addition to the arsenal found at the hotel, they found 19 more guns at the shooter’s home. The amount of damage one person can inflict with that much firepower is uncanny and is an act of terrorism. If the U.S. simply implements a limit to the amount of weapons a single person can own, there could be less of a chance of another mass shooting occurring.
Most U.S citizens know that the second amendment allows individuals to the right to bear arms, but if this country can find a way to cut down on the production or sale of firearms then we would be in better shape. The shooter from Las Vegas’ gun collection illustrates another intractable difficulty which is the quantity of guns already in circulation. According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2009 there were approximately 310 million guns available to civilians in America. That is twice as many guns per person as there were in 1968, and almost nearly enough for every man, woman and child to have their own gun. If there is a decrease in production, that can lead to the help of decreasing the number of firearms per person.
I have a dream that this country will realize the terror that these weapons can inflict. I have a dream that our kids and later generations to come can go to school, to church, or to concerts without having to worry about possibly being at the end of a gun muzzle. I have a dream that we can stop taking innocent lives and start preserving them by implementing stricter gun laws to enforce heavy gun control throughout the world. May we learn from our mistakes now and prevent the future from going through the same issues.