The Importance Of Gun Control

Guns, one of the most talked about topics in the world right now. People getting killed
left and right because someone had a gun and they went crazy with it. People feel the need to own a gun for protection most of the time, however in an instant they can do something they will regret with that piece of metal. Guns should not be taken lightly however taking them away has never really been a choice. People need to find a better option as to how to get guns under control.
Guns have been around for a very long time, the first recorded firearm was used in 1364. Since then guns have been misused constantly. The most recent have been in the past few years. The shootings in theaters during the Batman movie, where a man dressed up as the Joker and just started randomly firing. The Orlando shooting, this took place at a gay bar where someone also decided to open fire. The shooting in Las Vegas, where people were enjoying their night at a country themed music concert. Finally the most recent, the shooting in the Texas church. A place where people go to express their faith and a place that is supposed to be safe, it was there where over twenty people lost their lives to a person who was misusing a gun. The point is that no matter how much time goes by people will always misuse guns as long as the laws say the same. The laws need to change not to take guns away but for them to be safer.
Taking away guns will never work. People will always find a way to get thing in the black market. For example during the alcohol prohibition people still found a way to get alcohol
illegally. Drugs is the same thing as alcohol. Therefore there is nothing that would stop people from getting a gun illegally, people do it already.
People feeling unsafe is all to common with guns in the picture. People who have been victims in a shooting or an armed robbery never want to be associated with a gun. They know how it is to feel to be assaulted and scared because someone has a piece of metal that is used in an irresponsible way. The shooting in Las Vegas and in Texas have left people behind who will forever be terrified to go places where they once felt joy. People should have the right to go anywhere and feel safe, and that is something that guns take away when they are not used properly.
On that note crime would be diminished if guns were also more controlled. In 2011, ”data collected by the FBI show that firearms were used in 68 percent of murders, 41 percent of robbery offenses and 21 percent of aggravated assaults nationwide” (Gun Violence). Murder the highest rated with 68 percent, that is absurd. In a moment of anger or desperation someone could go crazy with a gun and kill another human being. Sadly I’ve known of cases like this, My best friend’s parents ended in a tragic way because of a gun that they kept in there house. It was supposed to be used incase someone broke into their house while her dad was away instead it ended up being that took the life of her mom and dad.
There are loopholes in existing gun laws. For example there could be surrogate gun purchasers. Meaning the people who have the gun aren’t the person who its registered to. This could be dangerous because the person with the gun could have something mentally wrong. Also people do not need to have a background check when it comes to purchasing a gun. For all anyone knows they could be criminals and we are just handing them their weapon of choice. The government needs to have better control of who they sell guns to.
Overall, guns will always be around. No matter what people try to do to prevent them from existing. People never know who is holding a gun and if they technically have the right to have it.This makes people scared of guns and more of the people who own them. Guns need to be better regulated and the gun laws need to be ratified so the people will feel better in this world with everything that has been going on with guns.