87 Billion Dollars On War

Innocent lives have been vanished into the thin air, hope has been shattered by fear, and love and happiness has been replaced by fear and sorrow. And all of this has been changed by the reality of just one phrase: War on Terror. This war has not only cost many lives, but it has cost an immense amount of money, as well. The amount of money seems to be growing as the day goes on. In his address to the nation, President Bush asked for $87 billion dollars, which will be coming out of the pockets of ordinary American citizens. The president plans on spending this enormous amount on money, on winning the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Spending this huge amount of money is defiantly unnecessary. The president can use this huge amount of money for the nation and its people who have earned it, rather than to just waste it on the so-called “War on Terror.”

A war may solve a problem that the U.S. and Iraq have been facing; however, a war will only stimulate more problems and more sacrifices that the American people will have to make. Spending so much money on a war is basically wasting the hard earned money of the American people. “Where is our focus? The $87 billion requested for the war could be used to rebuild our own infrastructure, provide jobs provide health care improve our educational system and secure our borders,” says Brent Mosher. The money needed for the War on Terror is being used for weapons and bombs to cause more destruction and hatred in Iraq. However, spending the money for the U.S. can benefit the people of the United States. The homeless people on the streets right here in the United States, can get shelters to live in, instead of the streets; while the people without jobs can get money to provide for their families for the time being. There can also be a better health care coverage for every senior citizen, in the U.S. who can not afford the money for the medicine that they need to survive. The parents of college students as well college students themselves, would not have to look for high interest loans or work so hard, just to send their child off to college. A part of that $87 billion dollars can be used to give more types of aid and grants to the students. Since the people of the United States have worked so hard for the money, they should be the ones receiving the benefits of it.

Wanting to spend $87 billon dollars is a clear sign that the war on terror will not end. The more money that needs to be spent, the longer the war will drag on. “In fact, the current military situation is extremely dangerous We are pinned down in Iraq and will be for years,” says Joe Klein. Since we went to war with Iraq, we need weapons and troops, to protect ourselves. We have to fire missiles and bombs at the crowds if they are a threat to our troops. Thus, this will create destruction to the buildings and homes around them. After all of the fighting is done, there will be a need to rebuild the destroyed homes, buildings, etc. Spending money to destroy something and then to rebuild it, is defiantly a waste of tax payers money, and that is all that is being done by our troops in Iraq. The longer we spend in Iraq will only mean a huge debt that the American people will have to end up paying.

Destruction of homes and buildings with weapons and bombs is the harsh reality of war. The only way to fund for these weapons is by using the money that has been earned by the people of the United States. However, spending $87 billion dollars on weapons, bombs, and troops is defiantly not the greatest way to spend their hard earned money.

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