A World Which Permits Starvation is Pure Evil

In today’s community, where food is more than enough to feed all hungriness, is still suffering from starvation; just makes people laugh. What a irony; because of pride and prejudice and selfishness, millions of innocent people have no food to eat for days and weeks, suffering diseases caused from hunger. While the higher class residents and politicians are eating their way to over-weight and still not generous enough just to give any extra food that they don’t eat to the poor and hungry. A sin so pathetic and ironic, while still makes you think. Is this an evil, a deed that will not be forgiven?

Every year, tenths of thousands innocent people die from a poor living supply of food, medicine and shelter. One of the most death recorded in poverty, is starvation. While one country is facing this terrifying and frightening suffering; another is having problems with the massive increase in population in diabetes, over-weight, heart disease and cholesterol problems. As well as some countries may even face the over production of agricultural products and goods. Still, never have the slightest thought in their minds that the extra food could be given to the needed. Instead just throw them away in the dumpster and wait for it to decay and couldn’t be eaten again. If that one country would just give only 1% of what it has thrown away to the needed, the world would be one day without starvation. But political issues, racism issues all stopped one to help another. Is one’s pride and selfishness is more important to all suffers? We could give life back to thousands of people, while we just watch them suffer and die slowly.

Racism, politician issues all prevents one country to help another. The most recent issue, Iraq is facing starvation’ is a perfect example. Because of the war, the masses have no mean to live, every one is afraid of getting killed by the bullets flying every where. Iraq’s economy is falling, people start to suffer great consequences from the war and starvation is just part of it. Still, while most feel sympathy for Iraq, no one does anything because of political issue of if we help them, what might happen to us’ or, we’ll be betrayers of America’; so now, Iraq is in suffering. Political associations are there to make a better place to live in, not to watch eachother suffer. Racism attitudes is another idiotic issue that two religions are against eachother, even if one is suffering conflict and poverty, the other won’t help. How stupid this is, we believe in beliefs because we want to be happy and have a meaning of who we are and to trust one another, not to start conflict.

All the reasons to make others suffer starvation and even permits it, is a pure evil that cannot be forgiven. Over usage of trees, pollution and other evil deeds all have a reason and some profit’ is getting out of it. We use trees for production of many daily things, such as paper and furniture; pollution is cause by factories manufacturing goods for human. While permission of starvation, with no gain, but lose, is allowed for self-esteem and meaningless reasons and excuses. How much is self-esteem and meaningless reasons and excuses over the lives of thousands of people. I strongly disagree with the permission of allowing starvation. And agree with it is pure evil that should not be forgiven.

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