American Hypocrisy

God Bless America

Last night I was thinking about a news broadcast I had seen a few weeks early, the top story of the night was that victory had been won in Iraq and saddam hussein had been killed, followed by some footage of Iraqis throwing up cheers and knocking over statues. This doesn’t seem to disturbing, what really shocked me was what story ran after that, it was a report on a murder that had happened recently, the anchor talked about what a horrible tragedy it was to have this innocent life taken from us, that in these modern times it amazed him a person could do that. That’s a tragedy? Theirs things going on in the world that are a lot worse than a murder in Edmonton, and if you think that person is sick for killing one other human being, George Bush has probably killed hundreds, maybe even thousands, and I”m not talking about the Iraqi soldiers, I”m talking about the innocent women and children who were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, because Bush thought that maybe there might be a chance that sadam was going to use biological weapons on the United States. Wow I”m glad we averted that terrible tragedy and got all those weapons back. Wait a second, we didn’t. Oh but don’t worry, because they definitely have the weapons, the proof? Well Washington’s got the receipts from when they sold them to Iraq of course, jeez what a smart decision that was; you never know when selling nuclear warheads to Middle Eastern countries might blow up in your face, so you should probably keep those receipts! So now that the war is over I wonder what George will do? I mean he doesn’t have any one else to bully around, and I don’t think there are any other countries threatening the states, he might actually have to start, I don’t know, doing something as a leader, you know, for the country, jeez that’s a scary thought.

The worst part of the entire war situation must have been the reaction from the American people to ANYONE who apposed the war, if you said a single thing that makes it even seem like you don’t think the wars a good idea, they”ll boycott you, you have to love your right to your opinion, as long as its just like everyone else’s of course. Like when the French refused to support the war effort and restaurants started serving “Freedom Fries” instead of French Fries, that’s got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard, like the U.S really needed any help to defeat the Iraqis in the first place, plus its not like by saying the word “French” your somehow helping the terrorists win, although I”m sure that’s what they”d like you to believe. Just like they”d like you to believe that listening to the Dixie chick’s supports terror, yeah them and S.U.V’s are saddam’s master plan to take over. The worst was when rolling stone showed them plastered with labels talking about how they help saddam; I really don’t think any more American soldiers died because one of our celebrities wasn’t in favor of the war. Its not like people could somehow respect her opinion, no if your thinking differently than they are you’ve got to go. So now people take there kids to Dixie chick hate rallies, so their CD’s can be bulldozed and burned, I don’t think that a hate rally is the greatest place for a small child to be, Dr.Phil wouldn’t be to happy.

So I guess the bottom line is that Americans have the power, and they”re starting to show it. That’s the reason they got away with this war on the first place, I mean what country would risk its neck by challenging the united states, they’ve got no choice but to follow, and if you don’t they”ll boycott you! The one thing I would like to know is who buys all the CD’s for the hate rallies? So really by having these rallies there just contradicting themselves, they buy there records, giving there money to the Dixie Chicks, then they burn them so they have to buy more, to burn. When I think about that one thing comes to mind: God Bless America!

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