Americanism vs. Iraq

“President Bush warned he had “zero tolerance for any Iraqi attempts to hide weapons of mass destruction,” according to the Associated Press’s article “Iraqi agrees to U.N. Plan” printed in the Thursday, November 14th, 2002 Lincoln Journal Star. The article speaks poorly of Iraq and Hussein’s administration, strongly implying that Iraq is not to be trusted and is lying to the U.N. about possessing weapons of mass destruction. Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohammed Al-Douri is quoted saying “his government has chosen “the path of peace” it’s acceptance had “no condition, no reservations.”” But Iraq Foreign Minister Nagi Sabri threatens, “the lies of the American administration and the British government will be exposed.”

“With war looming, it is up to them to give Iraq “a fair and final chance to comply” with it’s obligation to disarm,” shows Britain’s much more hopeful view of Iraq honestly allowing the U.N. inspectors full knowledge of their weapons programs in the Monday, November 25th, 2002 publication of The Week. Yet the U.K. still doesn’t give the Iraqi president much credit for honesty quoting Abel Darwish of The Independent, “It would be a big mistake to underestimate Saddam’s ability to weather the coming storm.” He recounts a dinner with Hussein were he patronized The Godfather movies Don Corleone saying it was “calculated tactics that enabled him to laugh last and longer.”

The British article, while distrusting of Iraqi intentions, also paints American leaders as war hungry saying, “even Bush now “seems to accept that this must be a U.N. war.”” “Iraq will be in breach of resolution of 1441 when – as is likely – it refuse to own up to all of them on that date (December 8th). America will them face a choice between instigating immediate action or waiting for the U.N. to prove that Iraq is lying.” Although some of the American hostility could be explained in the hostility of Iraq towards the U.S. The Journal Star article states that the nine page letter was “laced with anti-American and anti-Israeli statements. The letter accused Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair of fabricating evidence that Iraq possessed or was on its way to producing nuclear weapons – and had already stockpiled biological and chemical weapons.” Of course The Week’s article states “The White house must give inspections a chance to work.”

Both of these articles clearly show the bias of the U.N. against Iraq and it’s administration. The Journal Star article is blatantly ethnocentric. Iraq has earned a great amount of distrust in the international community as a result of his previous non-compliance with weapons inspections, yet the U.N. marginalizes Iraq begrudging it for actions of the past while it is showing signs of willful compliance.

The Week also shows the shared ethnocentrism of Western Europe, down casting Iraq on the International hierarchy, showing a mob-like Saddam Hussein comparing him to characters of The Godfather. The Week also glorifies Britain in mocking the American administration. The paper enforces the war hungry stereotype of American politicians.

It is also unrealistic to expect any marginalized people trust the distrusting dominant culture (that of the U.N. and America and Western Europe). Iraq feels that its cultural space is being invaded and privacy being breached, but the rest of the world needs to know if should be threatened by the possibility of a fight for cultural dominance. Not believing that Iraq will fight fair and let their weapons capabilities know.

Iraq is understandably angered by the cultural imperialism of America across the globe, but is it reasonable for America to defend its international monarchy of pop culture? It is a paradox, America should not expect to remain on top of the world forever, however, that does not give Iraq the right to threaten American citizens by concealing it’s weapons capabilities.

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