An Inexorable War

An Inexorable War

The fate of the world is in jeopardy. With every new day the threat of global terrorism grows larger. For far too long now the United States has stood by and watched as Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein openly defy the order to disarm. Attempts at a diplomatic resolution have failed. Therefore the United States is left with no other option but to go to war and disarm Iraq and remove its tyrannical ruler from power.

If the United States does not go to war and disarm Iraq, the entire free world will be in danger. Defiant to treaties made after the “Gulf War-, Iraq has continued to stockpile weapons of mass destruction. Under Mr. Hussein’s régime biological weapons have been created and even tested on his own people. Anyone who disagrees with Mr. Hussein is put to death, so he will not hesitate to put his weapons to global use. As long as Iraq is armed the world is at a threat.

We failed to remove Hussein from power during the last war and now he is once again a threat to the world. Standing passively by and waiting for Iraq to disarm only gave Saddam Hussein the time he needed to create weapons of mass destruction. If the United States waits any longer it will only be a matter of time before Iraq develops nuclear technology. It is reported that Iraq has terrorist connections and if Iraq gains nuclear technology, who is to say that he wont provide those terrorist groups with a nuclear weapon.

War, and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power will free the people of Iraq from tyranny. For as long as Mr. Hussein has been in power he has been committing massive crimes against humanity. As mentioned before, biological weapons are being tested on Iraqi prisoners, and mass genocides have occurred. According to the article “The Iraq Decision- On Mr. Hussein’s orders the Iraqi army “Gasses whole villages ands massacres tens of thousands of innocent civilians at a time-.(1) With the removal of Mr. Hussein from power comes new found opportunities for the Iraqi people. With a new régime in place, the people would be free to make their own choices, have a will of their own and not have the fear of tyrannical dictator looming over their shoulders.

Some people argue that with war comes the loss of innocent lives. In some cases losses are to be expected in the pursuit of a greater cause but they are never intentional. Also, the United States armed forces never send troops into populated areas to partake in armed combat. The majority of combat that took place in the Gulf War was in the open desert, nowhere near any populated areas. In situations where buildings in populated areas are bombed, careful surveillance is taken before any bombs are dropped to make sure of what is being destroyed. In the cases where claims where made that civilian populated buildings have been bombed, there has never been any factual evidence of any casualties. All that has been offered is old stock photos that probably where taken from Iraq’s own mass genocides.

It is claimed that a war with Iraq is a ploy to control the world’s oil supply, never has a more laughable claim been made. Not once has the President nor any of his staff made any claims about a concern over the control of oil in the middle east. The one and only reason the United States wants to go to war is to disarm Iraq. The safety of the world has always been the key issue in the decision of going to war with Iraq.

People say that a war would cause more harm than good. That can not be farther from the truth. The purpose of this war is to make all of the free world safe for future generations. Removing weapons of mass destruction from the hands of a madman will clear the threat of total world destruction. Wars always have casualties, but if the benefits outweigh the downfalls it is worth the effort.

War always have a downside but for the greater of humanity they are absolutely necessary. It is a fact that diplomacy never works in world of power-hungry warlords. Many attempts at solving disputes peacefully have ended in utter failure, as in the conflict between Israel and Palestine( A nation that attained recognition through terrorism against Israel at the Olympic Games). The only way to bring peace to the world is through war. Saddam Hussein will not willingly open his doors and disarm. The only way he can be stopped is through war.

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