Attack Iraq

Over the past twelve years, Saddam Hussein has been a nuisance to not only the United States, but the entire world. An invasion of Iraq is long overdue and well-deserved; the United States should wage war with Iraq to dispose of this irritant once and for all.

Following the Iran-Iraq war, Kuwait, who funded the majority of the war on Iraq’s part, demanded that their war debt be paid back in full. With most of Iraq’s profit coming from oil, and oil-prices being low at the moment, Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait of flooding the market to put pressure on Iraq. Thus begins the Persian Gulf War. Thinking that the United States had no part in the issue, Saddam invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990; easily overpowering the small gulf state. After the United Nations set deadline for Iraqi withdrawal of Kuwait expired, the United States launched a massive air assault on Iraq. After the air attack, the ground war was launched and the Gulf War was easily won by February of 1991.

Sadly the Gulf War did little to suppress Saddam Hussein’s evil ways. On top of hiring nuclear physicists from the old USSR and Pakistan, in 1993 he also tested biological weapons on the “Kurds”, Iraq’s largest non-Arab ethnic minority. The hiring of these nuclear physicists could lead to what is known as miniaturization. Miniaturization is a method to reduce the physical size of nuclear bombs. Meaning for example, one could leave a briefcase in an airport and cause some major damage. In addition to this possible terrorist element, Iraq has also been accused of harboring terrorists from the Al Qaeda networks. However, Saddam adamantly denies this accusation, saying that Iraq funded the “Kurds”, the very people they bombed around a decade ago, with weapons and technology to fight against the terrorist organization. This however, is a lie.

After Iraq was forced out of Kuwait in 1991, Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi government agreed to a series of commitments, termed Resolutions by the U.N. Security Council. One of these commitments (Resolution 687) was to “renounce all involvement with terrorism, and permit no terrorist organization to operate in Iraq.” According to President Bush, “It broke this promise,” he goes on ” Iraq’s government openly praised the attacks of September the 11th. And al Qaeda terrorists escaped from Afghanistan and are known to be in Iraq.” In addition to this, the Iraq Regime is also known to have more than three times the amount of biological weapons that it reported to the U.N. inspectors.

The argument is clear, the evidence is forthright and not in the least misleading. The United Nations has given Saddam Hussein chance after chance to prove himself a worthy leader, but his general hatred and disdain for all that is right in the world forbids him from going along with anything the U.N. decrees. How many chances are the United Nations going to give Saddam to prove himself? Eventually some type of action must be taken, and it must be carried out with extreme prejudice. In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, President Bush calls Iraq an “outlaw regime ready and willing to supply terrorists with the technology to kill on a massive scale.” The United States needs to stop looking at the world through defensive eyes. For the first time in a long time, the United States has to take the initiative and attack before it is attacked. This is a kill or be killed situation. America can not just sit around and wait for another September 11th to take place; the United States should take a firm stand and tell Saddam that we are through with giving him unlimited chances now is a time for action.

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