True Formation of Democracy

Is imposed democracy still a democracy? We will get different answers if that question is asked. But what is a democracy anyway? Democracy is ruling of a country by people not by one man. My personal thought about this is that this sounds too good to be true. It may be true to some degree at this point but to get whole truth from this fraise a lot work and changes still need to be done. And imposing people to accept democracy is not going to work, it must be a decision that is made by people themselves and free of pressure.

War between the US and Iraq ended and it was announced that the US won. And now that war is over the US is trying to develop conditions that will make Iraq democratic country. But what if another Saddam will appear in another country? Will the US jump in there with army to try to make that country democratic also? I do not think that this is the way of making a country “democratic country”. In fact, let’s pretend that some other country not as mighty not as powerful won this war. Would it have the same influence or impact as US does? Or instead of Iraq it was some other country that does not have oil in its land. Would then the US go into that country and try to bring democracy there and after that restore city for its own costs? We might have to think about these questions especially when we are asked to give 87 billion dollars and budget on education is getting cut and tuition in colleges and universities is rising and so does taxes. However, just because the US is powerful does not mean that whatever we say is right for this country. As Thomas Jefferson writes that all men are born free, and they get to choose their destiny. Now, the US by imposing


democracy in Iraq isn’t it like saying “This is what is going to be right for you”. Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis in their book “Democracy and Capitalism” write: “The key to understand

democracy is to find a way to present the mutual evolution of democracy rules and democratic sentiments and capacities, not as a teleological imperative but as the positive outcome of the constrained project of collective social actors”. So the decision of having democratic country has to be made from inside, people from its own country need to show initiative and willing of having democracy in a country. And if somebody from outside is telling that they need to have democratic country its going to ruin the original meaning of “democracy”. That is why I think that by imposing democracy is not going to have the original meaning of democracy only to some point.

Even if people decide to have democratic country, there still going to be some problems with that. For example, one part of people may agree that “this is right” and another part of people may agree on something else “that is right” for them. Thomas Jefferson says that we all created equal and I agree with that, but we all think differently depending on class we live in, culture we grew up in and values we have. I am not saying that democracy is not going to work in Iraq I am just not agree with the methods of trying to make it democratic. Iraq is different from US or from some other democratic country. They have their own customs, traditions, beliefs and understanding so why should somebody else involve in their life and tell them what is going to be right for them. This is like if somebody come to your house and tells you that this has to be changed and this has to be thrown away. I am sure that none of us would allow this happening in our homes.

The rich and powerful nation with modern military technology feels strong and recklessly attacks small country using force to pursuit its aims and hiding consequences of it. Some people may think of this war in this way not as a way of making it a democratic country.


So, on my opinion imposed democracy is not a real democracy it can be true only to some point. Democracy has real meaning when it originated from inside of the country without any pressure or imposition.

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