History of the Future

The decisions an events of the past in the United States has impacted and molded everything that we deal with today. With that said one could gather that the events and decisions made in the present time will be what the future generations will be studying and coping with in years to come. While there would be numerous things that happen I believe that future American History students would be read about events such as, The scandals of Clinton Presidency, The United States war with Iraq, and terrorist attacks on the September 11, 2002. The years to come hold much uncertainty and raise many questions. While the US is currently the super power of the world will we have the ablity to remain one or be diminished and if we were to lose that status who would take our place. The economic, social, and political structure would evolve over time. What would these structure’s be comprised of The standard of living today in some ways are the same but over all very different for out past . So what standard of living would the future hold? Finally, in the present time we get to see the positive and negative reactions from the decisions made by our forefathers what could we do today to help ensure a favorable history for the next generation?

Three major events in past few years were the scandals of the Clinton presidency, the terrorist attacks on September 11 2002, and the War with Iraq. I feel that each of these would be carried onto the history books of the future because of their impact on the American society. President Clinton spent two terms in the office and just like many of his predecessors his second term was filled with scandals that nearly got him impeached. The Monica Lewinsky affair and the trail that followed caused the House of Representatives to recommend impeachment on the grounds of perjury, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering (Davidson, Gienap, Et. Al 979). The attacks on the United States on September 11 2002 was the first major terrorist attack of its kind in history. That attack caused the US to step up our homeland security, enable communication between different departments such as the FBI and the CIA, and set in course the preventive pursuit to end terrorism. The pursuit that followed the terrorist attacks led to the war with Iraq. All of these events sparked controversy in many Americans and people around the world that is why I am sure people will read about this in the future.

“Today the United States of America (USA), remains the planet’s only true super power, both in economic and military terms. As the world’s largest economy, it’s a significant leader in the fields of agriculture, education, energy, health care, high-tech, service industries, space exploration, and manufacturing of all descriptions”. (http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/us.htm ).

Many countries around the world beliefs differ greatly from the Americans. Although the US is considered a super power in many countries we are loosing our sparkle. Even in Britain (one of our tightest allies) there public opinion poll reflects that fifty percent of the people believe the American influence is bad. This type of influence is present in many countries around the world such as Germany at 67%, Russia at 68% and France at 71% largely due to their position on the war in Iraq (http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,856456,00.htm ). Countries like these make me question whether the fact we can sustain a position as a super power. China in my opinion is the only country that threatens to replace the US as the primary super power. China is a communist country that also has a potent military, large population, and turned its market share to global aspects. Because of these factors China has grown tremendously in the nineteen nineties however even with the steps they have taken to become a super power they would haft to go through vast political, social, and economic reform to compete with the United States.

The space frontier could be one of the economic impacts of the future. As seen in the recent years people in the civilian community paying as much as twenty million dollars to go into space . As we advance into the future the technology should be a more cost effective way and find ways to present space as a tourist spot. It is widely understood that the growth of human activities in space is critically dependent on the cost of space transportation, which in turn is strongly influenced by the rate of traffic. To date, the demand for launches has derived mainly from the demand for satellites for communications, meteorology, surveillance, scientific research, etc.. However. the launch rate of around 100 launches per year (worldwide) right now is not sufficient to justify the cost of development for a fully reusable launch vehicle, which would be necessary to substantially reduce the launch cost. Thus it is important to investigate any proposal that has the potential to generate much higher rates of launch traffic . (http://www.spacefuture.com ). The Internet and computers will become more and more part of our social structure. I believe that in the future our computers will automatically order our food items that we run low. You will see more home schooling via the Internet. It will be more challenging people meet face to face and have friendship through that kind of interaction. However you will see the developments of Internet friends and large communities. The nature and the face of politics are also going to change as we move rapidly into the 21st Century. The nature of the world’s economic, military, technological, and geo-political structures are evolving at a more rapid rate than ever before. I believe that will be faced with bigger issues of homeland security along with our relations with United Nations. The growth of the Us and the world in general will also be faced with consummation of the natural resource and preventative measures that need to be taken.

At the rate that the world is growing the next generation may end up with a lower standard of living due to resources and energy consumption. Population development holds a serious issue. “In 1999, the world’s population exceeded six billion people. It took 10.000 generations, up until 1927, to reach two billion people on earth. From 1927-1967 this population doubled. Our world is now home to a 78 million people, and this figure grows every year. The United Nations predicts that in the year 2050 the world population will enlarge to nine or ten billion. This prediction implies that over the course of an individual’s life span the earth’s population will increase five times. Population growth is a problem that impacts the environment and a general quality of life. Soon, at least one quarter of the world population will live where water is scarce. Wood is also quickly becoming a scarce resource, and the steady, constant demand for grain is met with a decreasing grain field space” (http://www.srzg.de/nenglish/1wwa/1short/4actions.htm ). With statistics like this future generations will need to find alternative means of conserving water or possible living environment. Another problem that comes along with the growing population is the amount of energy consumed and the amount available. “The energy system of our earth is the foundation for our survival and habitation. However we have caused vast deterioration of habitat and climate, by creating inefficient and non sustain-able open systems. It is very important that the world, specifically the general consumers and policy makers, recognize energy as a resource-to be preserved and renewed using today’s technology. There must be a common understanding that we as both consumers and inhabitants have the responsibility to hold our households accountable for using alternative sustainable energy and for conserving energy” (http://www.srzg.de/nenglish/1wwa/1short/4actions.htm ). It is also widely known that how the carbon dioxide out put of our vehicle’s cause the greenhouse effect that is affecting our planet today. It’s problems like the ones listed here that show the need for the citizens of the world to make changes today in order to shape a favorable future for the next generation.

Two of the steps we can take help is do away with our reliance on fossil fuels and using alternative means of energy. In the recent years we have seen functional cars that are called “hybrids”. This type of car runs partially on electricity and partially on fuel. Not only does this enable one to cut back the amount of fuels cost it also helps to free one from the chains of fossil fuels. As time goes on I believe we will see a functional electric car or a hydrogen car which produces very minimal emissions. Currently almost everything is run off energy from a power plant of some sort. As we grow our ability to product enough energy will be a great burden. As we have seen in California bad management of this could lead to black outs and rising prices. One method we could improve on is the use of solar energy. I believe we will see great advances in this area. There will be solar powered houses and business. We will have storage cells to haverst the energy of the sun in order to generate some consistency along with the typical power plant integrated into the house hold.

In Conclusion, many of the events and decisions that are happen today will effect the generations to come. Although there will be many changes in the structure of socioeconomic system and the status of the United States in the views in the world. How we prepare today and act upon the knowledge we gained will for better or worse pave the road for our future generations to handle.

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