Iraq: Pro

Throughout the world, the United States taking action against the now former Iraqi regime has been a heated topic. Should we pull out now because we have no business being there? Not at all, force against the Iraqi regime was the only way to solve the problem. The problem was the Iraqi regime violating human rights, threatening other nations, and supporting terrorist actions. There are many reasons for supporting the war and I will give you an in depth analysis of these reasons throughout this paper.

Why did we need to liberate the Iraqi people? First off, they were being torn down by a ruthless regime, headed by a world threatening leader in Saddam Hussein. The regime is evil as it has executed, tortured, and raped those who oppose them. In all, Saddam has killed over 200,000 of his own people. We had already seen him gas the Kurdish people of his country or even use civilians as human shields. Saddam Hussein has desecrated the history of the Iraqi people by painting his image over the walls of Babylon. The Iraqi people are hostages in their own country. The simple truth is that the people of Iraq, whether it is the isolated Kurds to the north or the Sunnis to the south, desperately wanted to be rid of Saddam Hussein. The people of Iraq have been starving for freedom and war was the only way to rid them of a dominating regime. Their land can grow its own food. They have scientists and doctors that can treat their sick. They did not need the European liberals sending them resources, they needed someone to dispose of Saddam’s regime.

Why should we only seek liberty for ourselves? As the world power it is America’s duty to provide and ensure the human rights of other nations. What greater right is there than to be allowed to live in freedom? Of course, war is bad but there has never been a dictator in history that has just went into exile. We understand that it is hard for people to risk their soldier’s lives for Iraqi liberation. But why was it different when we liberated the Europeans from the Nazis, like Hitler Saddam put the lives of others at risk. The Bush administration felt that a new start was needed in the Middle East and that Iraq was the place to show that it is democracy- not terrorism- that offers hope. It would have been unacceptable to sit back and watch Saddam’s regime continue to terrorize it’s own people.

We have tried many times to reason with Saddam over the years, but have been continually ignored by his regime. In the past twelve years he has been very uncooperative with the United Nations. After twelve years of economic sanctions, two different arms-inspection forces, several Security Council resolutions and more than 200,000 coalition troops at his doorstep, Saddam Hussein still refused to give up his weapons of mass destruction and end his reign of terror. The fact is that Saddam was never going to abide by the Security Council’s demand that he would disarm. Many council members who demanded the complete disarmament of the Iraqi regime shrunk from the measures needed to enforce their demands.

Saddam Hussein is not only Iraq’s worst nightmare, but also a tremendous problem for Israel. He willingly gave out $10,000 rewards to any Palestinian family whose sons killed Jews in suicide bombings. Saddam Hussein dragged Iraq into a hatred for the Jews that transcends beyond most people’s beliefs. This is astonishing since Iraq doesn’t even border Israel. Making it impossible for them to have territorial disputes with Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinians all signed treaties with Israel, but Iraq did not. Saddam Hussein declared himself as the number one enemy of Israel. Waging war with Iraq will help stabilize the Middle East and make it more hospitable to Israel. Without the Iraqi regime, Israel will have a better chance at being safe and secure.

The liberals, argue that other countries possess weapons of mass destruction and the United States didn’t go to war with them. Also, other tyrants have violated human rights and have had ties with terrorist without incurring U.S. military action. But Saddam was guilty of all these things and he met another requirement, a prime location. In the heart of the Middle East between Syria and Iran, two countries the U.S. has always wanted to send a message to. Iraq will be the model that can persuade young Arabs that there is more to life than hatred. The war shows the leaders of Syria and Iran that we will not tolerate the harboring or training of terrorist and the development of weapons of mass destruction.

I am confident that future Americans will look back and commend our president for taking action. We are in fact, valiantly securing the human rights of the Iraqi people. The impending war in Iraq is first and foremost to ensure the protection of the American homeland, disarm Hussein and to help establish democracy in Iraq so that its peoples can live in a liberated, democratic nation.

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