Iraqi War

Since the engagement of war in Iraq, many reasons have come to mind whether to oppose or support this war. Since the tragedy on September 11th, us Americans will never forget this event that provoked the war in Iraq in the first place. Although this great tragedy has reason to attack Iraq, we the people of the United States of Americans should stop and think whether we should to support or oppose the war. I feel by opposing this war, we can answer whether or not president Bush is telling the truth. Opposing reasons like the greed of oil, the millions of dollars, and if the war is still about terrorism.

When president bush engaged war with Iraq the United Nations said it was unconstitutional. They also stated by the United Nations Security Council that George W. bush has violated the law of the land and the constitution article IV. The constitution specifies that it is Congress, not the President, who must declare war, and UN doctrine also prohibits “pre-emptive strikes”. Looking on these opposing ideas, I think this war has nothing to do with the war on terrorism and that its basically for the huge natural resource of oil. I find president Bush to be very greedy, because this is the 21st century and there are many ways to solve the problem with our energy resource problem.

Another problem arising about the war are the billions and billions of dollars being spent on this war. I know this war has really no significant reasons to occupy Iraq. Although because president Bush is seeking these weapons of mass destruction and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Many weapon inspectors found that Iraq is no longer a threat of weapons of mass destruction to the United States. Ever since the war in the Gulf, these weapons have been found and destroyed. Although I feel it’s the Iraqis who should be threatened by the United States, because they should know that we have our own weapons of mass destruction.

Since the invasion of Iraq, many American individuals say we should withdrawal our soldiers from the war. Many Americans stated that this war is not about terrorism, its more based on Imperialism, because president Bush as we know, broke protocol with the United Nations, and ignored the law of the land, but there were no significant reason to go and invade the Middle East, and neither a justified reason.

In conclusion this war doesn’t have my support and neither should it have yours. I feel this war is bogus and isn’t really justified to invade Iraq in the first place, although the tragedy on September 11th, which is an unforgettable with the lost of loved ones, will have reason to be at war with Iraq. The significance of opposing the war will answer the question whether about the oil, the billions of dollars, and if the war is still about terrorism. Soon this war will justify whether president George W. Bush should have a recall on his presidency.

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