Is War the Best Answer

Mr. Gunka

Government 1

January 10, 2003

Is war the best answer for the United States when there are so many problems that we are already plagued by? There are an abundance of reasons for war but I do not think President Bush has attained a good enough reason to invade Iraq. I”m sure that Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction and Iraq needs a regime change, but can the U.S. handle the unpredictable economy and the North Korea nuclear problem while trying to manage a productive country? General Downing (former assistant to the President on counterterrorism) thinks our Special Forces can advance into Iraq find the weapons of mass destruction and help quickly to administrate the citizens to adopt a new nation.

In the month of December 101,000 positions were cut which has been the sharpest decline in 10 months. The stagnant 6 percent unemployment rate has not yet become the largest problem. Since the last recession the U.S. went through unemployment rates rose to 7.8 percent, far from today’s 6 percent. The little economy growth is hitting the retail industry hardest, because corporations are not willing to invest money or machinery into an economy that may have to fight through a war with Saddam Hussein. Bush isn’t helping anything by proposing a 674 Billion dollar 10-year tax cut which will help married couples with children, but Bush can not seem to propose any way for more jobs to come available for the married couple with children that can not find a half-respectable job position.

The communist country of North Korea has withdrawn from the Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty, which was signed in 1994 to hold N. Korea’s nuclear facilities in exchange for energy supplies. Pyongyang the leader of N.Korea has resumed his nuclear program. Bush has halted the exchange of energy supplies to Pyongyang and hopefully the necessity for the supplies will allow Bush to concentrate on Iraq and not a country that is looking for some attention.

Special Operations Forces (S.O.F. Delta, SEALs, Green Beret A Teams, Rangers, Night Stalker helo crews, Air Force comamandos) seem to be a get in neutralize weapons of mass destruction, save the economy, remove Saddam from power anyway possible, and help the citizens of Iraq adopt a new centralized government and get out. But if worst comes to worst here comes Desert Storm 2. Bush vs. Saddam 2.

Not a single person knows whether the Untied States and Iraq will go to war. But if that decision is made I trust that Bush will pursue what is best for the U.S.

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