Military Troops

Since January there have been various debates about Iraq and why it should be conquered by our troops to maintain peace. Once President Bush made his decision to go in without the help of the U.N. it meant that more of our U.S. military troops were going to have to be deployed. Most of these troops that were being sent out to Iraq were mostly new faces that barely graduated from boot camp and have had no experience in the fleet whatsoever. These men and women had no choice on whether they wanted to go because they volunteered to join such an elite force known nationally to many people. At the same time, these troops have to endure the worst conditions possible to complete a mission and live another day, while at times food, water, and other supplies would be scarce. The government and military should implement better conditions for the welfare of their troops so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

A still debated issue throughout the U.S.: Why were our troops sent out to Iraq? Most of this had to do with politics because our government was afraid of a mass nuclear destruction which never took place. At no time were the troops under any type of “chemical warfare” as predicted there might have been. Both our government and President Bush thought it would be a wonderful idea to rescue the Iraqi residents from a tyrannical communist like Saddam Hussein just so they can favor us later on. There is no way that a third world country like Iraq would ever favor the U.S. on anything because they have been deprived of so many things for so many years that they can’t think out of their communist box that they live in. President Bush felt security was one of the main keys to show the Iraqi people that our troops are there to help them in any way possible. These troops risk so much helping them despite their personal safety.

The worst experience a person can have is being depressed. Most of these soldiers experience this disease due to an elongated stay and few friendly paraphernalia. Anyone who has been through boot camp knows such feelings because of everything they go through for three months. When you”re away for such a long duration you realize how much you miss your loved ones. What makes this worse is that there really aren’t any breaks for all those troops to express their feelings to one another. The military is also very strict on socializing with the enemy or civilians from the opposing country due to high confidentiality. It’s hard to keep a good poise of yourself when you have civilians harassing you verbally and using obscene gestures.

An awesome way to send someone to the point of no return would be sending them to Iraq. That’s like giving them a personal invitation saying “here’s hell, hope you enjoy it!” which seems to work excellent since the military gets overenthusiastic over these type of places. Iraq is like a big sand box that children play in the parks but with temperatures that soar as high as 130s and possibly higher. It’s hard to acclimatize to such weather conditions when most of these soldiers have never been introduced to such a horrendous place, except when they first join the military, and expect them to wear chemical warfare uniforms over their utility uniforms every single hour of every day. That really gives me a kick in the stomach when they expect these men and women to walk and run about with all this gear including their rifle. All these climate changes do affect the majority of these soldiers because they’ve probably never experienced dry heat with desert storms and then to top it off the temperature drops at night time. Those types of conditions are horrendous and the military should take into consideration all the equipment these soldiers have to wear and carry to survive in an everyday warfare. The military knows about these problems but ignore them to an extent since they”re the government and whatever comes out of their magical mouth is the final word. Those are the types of rules that seem unfair in the military but since the soldiers are small fishes in the bottom of the pond which makes them obsolete.

Health conditions are another big factor while sending these soldiers out to Iraq. The military considers them “test dummies” when it comes to getting vaccinations. It’s funny how they assume they can work the next day when they get a flu shot or anthrax shot which are the worst vaccines anyone can have. One of the major reasons why the soldiers tend to get sick is because of all the doses they receive at one time and that’s one way they lose a war easily by having soldiers sick. The military also has to take into consideration on the sanitary conditions as far using the restroom, etc. They know for a fact that there’s no way that these soldiers are living like kings and queens out there and take showers on the daily basis. They go through weeks or probably months without actually taking an actual shower but at least they have baby wipes to help them maintain some type of clean sanitary conditions. This is something the military strives best at since they don’t really care about the soldiers themselves until something really bad actually happens to them but for all they care the soldiers can stay dirty for days. Most of the soldiers also sleep either on the hummer vehicles they drive or on the desert sand of Iraq. Who”d know how many things can be walking on the sand, especially scorpions, which can be life threatening but when soldiers are tired they”ll find any spot and make it their humble bed.

One thing soldiers barely see in the field is a fresh meal. Lack of basic meals is like depriving your car for gas when it needs to run and perform at high levels. The only type of food that the soldiers eat while out at the field are Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) which are high in sodium and calories thus keeping them hydrated. Most of the times they barely have time to take a bite out their meals since they”re either doing some type of security around their parameter of defense or they”re on the go and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Water is something that is really needed out there if you want to make it pass day one in that dry heat. Dehydration and heat play big factors to these soldiers and it’s already bad enough with the weather conditions they have to deal with in Iraq. It is common to see a soldier fall out of a walk, or hump, because they didn’t drink enough water to stay hydrated for long periods of time. Sometimes there might a lack of water and that plays a major role for these soldiers. The military should take time fixing these minor imperfections to better the life quality of the soldiers while at war. It is unfair to make them suffer more than what they already are by cutting certain things out because all in all we are all people in a society that thrives for perfection. If the military wants to sustain such elite forces like the ones they already have they have to work harder on meeting the demands of their soldiers so that an experience like war can be handled easier if something worse were to come down the road.

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