Nature Of Man

Nature Of Man

The nature of man in “The Lord of the Flies” is apparent. The nature of man is a an evil one. This evil can comes through in different forms. I am going to use examples of how man today behaves in this nature.

The nature of man like I said is filled with wickedness. It has been that way since early times. Mankind has always had hunters. Today even though we are not required to hunt to survive, many people still hunt for the pure enjoyment. I think of this as a sign that mankind still has aggression to let out . The fact that we can take an innocent animal and often times a defenseless one and kill it for enjoyment is a sign of our bloodlust. Even as young kids, we have a tendency to “pick” on something weaker than ourselves whether it is a animal or another person. In the book “The Lord of the Flies” a character named piggy who was portly and had a vision problem was constantly at the butt end of jokes.

Another way we show mankind’s aggression is if we feel threatened at all by another entity we feel we should not only stop the threat but destroy it. A prime example of this is the United States with Iraq. The U.S. felt threatened by the possibility of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, so we not only neutralized the threat we demolished the entire country. Another Example of this from “The Lord of the Flies” is the character Jack trying to kill another character named Ralph because he was a possible threat. Mankind also tends to be hostile when it comes to gaining something. Mankind is often willing to fight for financial or territorial gain to the death. An example of this is the French and British fighting for the U.S. colonies. Man’s evil behavior really shows when it comes to two people wanting the same thing. Ralph and Jack at the beginning of “The Lord of the Flies” were almost constantly at each other’s throats because they both wanted to be the leader.

Mankind has also shown evil in a never ending battle due to difference of opinions. People blowing up abortion clinics hardly seems like a logical way to show that they disagree with the idea. People hating another race is also a ridiculous thought. Of all things this is one that I absolutely do not understand, but none the less, there has been many deaths and pain brought to some people for being “different” from another. Another example of evil due to disagreement is people fighting because of religious differences. My religion says that we should not kill but people who strongly believe in the same religion also have gone to war for religious differences many times. I am almost positive there is a battle going on somewhere for this reason.

I think the nature of mankind is definitely evil. The evil comes from other human characteristics. At times evil can be suppressed. Not everyone is evil all the time but I do believe everyone has some evil in them in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

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