Overthrow Insane Hussein

War: Overthrow Insane Hussein

One question has pondered the minds of many Americans in the past year, should we go to war with Iraq? Should we side with our president and go to war, or should we leave ourselves vulnerable for Saddam to attack us? I side with President Bush. Saddam is an evil person, who will do anything to succeed. In order to overthrow Saddam we must attack him before it is to late.

Saddam has been developing weapons of mass destruction and is willing to use them if it becomes necessary. Evidence shows that he is willing to use them, because he fired chemical shells at the Iranian troops during the Iran-Iraq war, he invaded Kuwait and Iran, and fired Scud missiles at Saudi Arabia during the 1991 Gulf War. Many people feel that with the missile technology he has, he will attack America with any means necessary. America needs to disarm Iraq by force or other means.

Also, many people feel that Iraq was linked to the hijackers and al-Qaida. People felt that Iraq supported the September 11 attacks, but there is no evidence linking Iraq to al-Qaida. Even though he isn’t connected to the recent terrorist attacks, he is developing weapons of mass destruction that can be used to terrorize nations. I feel that this is why the focus is on Iraq, because powerful weapons can do much more damage than someone hijacking a plane. I don’t think that this is a personal issue(Saddam’s attempt to assassinate his father in 1993) or a big issue over oil, this is an issue about disarming a man who uses his power to destroy the lives of others.

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