Peace in Iraq

In order to restore order and create a democracy in Iraq , the United States

is planning to form a new Iraqi Army. United States authority will begin recruiting

Iraqis for the 40,000 member army to take over the responsibility for guarding

borders and key installations. I for one , agree with this idea to form a new Iraqi

army. I believe that the United State’s reasons for this plan , my reasons for this

plan , and the outcome for the future , will help explain why I think it is the right

thing to do.

The United States sees this as a great opportunity to stop the violence and the

constant attacks on U.S troops. It is hoped to prevent former Iraqi soldiers from

turning against occupation authority and engaging in armed resistance. Concerning

the new army , Slocombe , a senior Pentagon official stated , “They will perform

military duties of the kind of coalition forces are providing now. They will be a

military force , not a police force or a security force.” ( qtd. in chandrasekaran A1).

This means that the new Iraqi army is going to be trained as a United States army

and take on the same responsibilities. However , only former Iraqi officials and

enlisted personnel who are not linked to terrorism , will be the only ones aloud to

be recruited.

I think that building a new Iraqi army is a great idea because I feel that it is

the right thing to do. Ever since the war on terrorism began , I have always been in

favor for what the United States did. I supported every decision President Bush has

made , and believe strongly that he is a good leader. I understand that war is

terrible , but I believe that terrorism must come to an end. Even though the war is

now over , American soldiers are still being attacked and killed. But with a newly

formed Iraqi army trained by United States personnel , the violence among the

Iraqi people and soldiers would probably die down. I am for this decision one

hundred percent , and know that only good things can come out of it as a


I predict that when this new Iraqi army is formed , our U.S troops are pulled

out , and a democracy is being developed in Iraq , the world we be a better place. I

understand that it may take a while , but it is definitely worth the time. There must

be structure and a strong form of government in Iraq to eliminate any chances of a

war again. All of the people of Iraq will hopefully understand the value of life and

learn to live in peace with themselves and other nations. This is what I hope will

come as a result of the new Iraqi army being formed.

This is where I stand on the idea of the United States building an army in

Iraq. It is a great and well thought out plan , and will hopefully have many positive

results that will help decrease all of the violence in the Middle-East. This has been

one piece of international news that I found , understood and am totally in

agreement with.

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