Peace thru Arms

As of December 1st 2003, the military casualties left by the war in Iraq on the Coalition, conformed by United Kingdom, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Denmark, and United States mainly, averaged thirteen men per week in a two hundred eighty three-day-period that started on March 20th of the same year leaving 525 deaths accounting 440 of them to the US. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), as the US Government called the major conflict campaign in Iraq, comprehended of only 42 days, generating the death of one hundred thirty nine US soldiers. Even though OIF officially ended on May 1st, the military operations in this Middle Eastern country are still being held in order to keep peace to ensure the reconstruction of an Iraq shattered by decades of war and embargo while Saddam Hussein’s Regime was still on the power. By the time, many US citizens expect to see the results of the campaign in Iraq, and have the 130,000 US troops back home. Although the objective of OIF was accomplished by the Coalition when this gained control of Baghdad, the major objective of the war is still not achieved. For this reason, the military presence of the US, and the rest of the Coalition is critical in order to confirm the dissolution of Hussein’s regime and the creation of a democratic government so that this will still no longer represent a threat of national security not only to the US but to the World.

Even though a war is not always the answer to all the conflicts, in this case this became the last option when the diplomatic avenues were exhausted as Iraq did not comply with the United Nations” resolution of disarmament threatening with serious consequences. With the UN trying to solve the conflict diplomatically by inspecting Iraq’s territory in the search of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the Iraqi government did not cooperate the way it should leaving doubts about their denial of the existence of WMD. Previously, the US Congress, with an approval of 73 percent, had given President George Bush the authority to use force against Iraq. Force that had to be used in order to comply with the UN” disarmament resolution since the totalitarian Iraqi regime portrayed a threatening figure for the whole human kind as it had already been involved in wars against Iran and Kuwait affecting the Iraqi citizens with the embargos imposed by the UN as a result.

Also, it was about time to dismantle this dictatorial government before it kept functioning as a training camp for terrorists that threaten the free world we live in with their extreme fundamentalist ideals, endangering our freedom of speech, privacy, will and to express ourselves. After September 11th terrorist attacks, the US government can not deny the vulnerability it has against terrorist attacks. Because of this, this government has the right to prevent such an event from happening again. If Al-Qaeda’s terror network would have been stopped on time, and Afghanistan had been liberated, the attack on the World Trade Center in New York might have never happened. Based on the preceding event, the possibility of another terrorist attack on US soil or US interests abroad would be higher if drastic means have not taken place. For this reason, if none actions were taken against Iraq and a new terrorist attack had been carried out by Iraqis in any point of time, the US citizens would blame the government for not having defended the nation from an evitable danger.

Meanwhile, there are followers as there are opposers who condemn the military actions of the Coalition in Iraq arguing that the war on terror is going to have a disfavorable impact in the US economy as the recently congress approved $400 Billion raise in National Security budget for the 2004 fiscal year will have as well, and that cost for having such a big army abroad represent a high cost as well. However, that is the cost for security that the US citizens will have to face. In fact, freedom should not have a price tag since this right can not denied to any individual in the world as inversely done by China, Cuba, some North African and Middle Eastern Countries whose government suppress their citizens to arbitrary and illegal laws which are highly banned in Western Societies, for example, Cuban citizens are not allowed to travel outside the country, in Iran an individual is not allowed to profess a religion different than the one imposed by the government, and none of them are able to choose their own authorities.

In Brief, the military presence in the Middle East is increasingly becoming a huge step in the war of terror in order to eradicate such a harmful world threat. We had better learn form our own weaknesses since September 11th left more than three thousand civilian casualties that could have been spared whether diplomatic or military actions would have taken place by the US government against Al-Qaida’s state sponsored terror network against Western Culture, since naive and irresponsible citizens have already blame the CIA for not acting on time. This first attack on American soil is not the governments fault, but a second one will be if they do not take preventive actions. We had better not take our liberties for granted because the day we lose them we will regret not having defended them. It sad the fact that we have to reach peace thru arm, but terror leaves no choice, so let’s support our troops!

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