Post war reconstruction germany and iraq

Lives are taken, buildings and cities are devastated, and families are left to suffer the losses of their loved ones. War in many ways can deeply impact a society , whether it be structurally or emotionally. Many may believe that the act of fighting in a war is the hardest part of being involved in a war, but truly it is the aftermath that requires the most work and effort. So people feel safe to walk out of their houses again and go on with their lives when the war is over. But are these people able to live their normal lives after the destruction the war has caused? Is there actually something to go back to? Post conflict reconstruction is the most important aspect in any war fought in the world. Whether that country won or lost, it must be able to overcome the damage and build the society back up to where it used to be. U.S. intervention is very common in post-war reconstruction of any country. This was true in post-war Germany and is currently being performed in post-war Iraq.

The suicide of Adolf Hitler and the surrender of Germany in Berlin marked the much anticipated and celebrated finish of World War 2 in Europe. The strength and strategy of the Allied powers over the Axis powers led to the end of Germany’s control in much of Europe. World War II was indisputably the worst war in history. Many lives were taken, not only by individuals fighting in the war, but also civilian lives. Hitler’s Germany was a threat to many neighboring countries, and ultimately all of Europe. The extent of Hitler’s reign of terror over the European Jewry was unfathomable. Nearly two-thirds of the European Jewry were killed in the Holocaust led by Hitler and his regime.

Much like Germany, Iraq was ruled by a dictator whose ideals and values were not ethical. Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq since until the war against terrorism ended. Under his reign, some of the most horrifying and immoral things that a person can do to a large scale of innocent others were undergone. With his regime, Saddam managed to kill, torture, and terrorize people in his country and neighboring countries as well. Many hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of his actions. One of these atrocities was using chemical agents to kill off 40 Kurdish villages and also Iraqi and Iranian people.

Reconstruction in Germany was a long, difficult, and expensive process. It was four years after the war that the Federal Republic of Germany was created. IT took several years to construct those democratic systems in Germany. Germany was defeated at the end of WWII, the entire Nazi apparatus was defeated. Nazism as an ideology and as an organization was essentially eradicated. Those who took over post-war Germany were not Nazis, so it was not very difficult for them to acknowledge the terrible crimes that had been committed.

As for reconstruction in Iraq, the US has spent billions of dollars to rehabilitate the country after the fall of Saddam Hussein and the War on Terrorism. Currently many American soldiers occupy Iraq in order to maintain the peace there. There are efforts being made to establish a new government and even attempts to write a constitution for the country. The streets of Baghdad, Basra and Mosul bustle with commerce. Schools reopened last month with help from the US and textbooks have been ridded of Saddam’s image.

In order to return to a stable society, a country must think in terms of what elements a society requires to flourish. The most vital element for a society to become maintained is security. When people do not feel safe, a society can not function well. There would be an atmosphere of fear rather than an atmosphere of unity. A strong government is also an important aspect of a well kept society. Any society needs a strong government who people can trust to run the country in the pursuit of doing what is needed to benefit that society. With those two things established, other elements of society such as the economy, infrastructure, and humanitarian relief. Security and government are the bases of which a society relies on. With out these two things, the rest of society could not function properly.

The main thing that any country needs to gain in order to maintain such homeostasis is the acceptance of peace. Not only will this single thing prevent any further disputes or wars among any country, but it will also create an atmosphere such that a person can feel confident in their safety and their country. It may be hard for countries to overcome their differences between each other, but one day peace among all nations will be prevalent and war will no longer exist.

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