Progress or Smoking Mirrors: Iraqi Police Open Up New Stations in Salah ad Din

An important event is happening in the Salah ad Din Province. 13 local police stations are opening their doors soon. The first of which just opened to the joy of those in the area. Many came for the event, even though there was a dust storm in the area, and watched as the doors were opened to the al Answar Police Station in al Secour.

The town of al Secour is lucky to be the first of 13 to open in a process that can take time. Coalition forces must first validate each station before it can be opened and manned by the newly graduated police force. It will take a few more months for the rest to come online and help in the fight against militants in the streets of Iraq.

The process for validating a police station takes some time. There are certain things that have to be done before the Coalition will allow it to be opened. It must be able to stand on its own without support from Coalition forces before it can be released on its own. They are rated from four to one with one being the highest.

The al Answar Police station is now at a one with very high marks coming from its teachers. “Overall, the Iraqi public believes that the Iraqi police are a force that can and will protect them,” said Bloom, who attributes the decline in violent attacks in Salah ad Din to a more confident, proactive police force.

The turn around in the area is contributed to the training of the police force and the active participation of its citizens. This is also happening in Diyala where Iraqi Police have been graduating since May. 704 officers graduated recently including 21 females. During the ceremony the newly graduated female police were able to show off their skills to those attending by quickly handling a civilian disturbance and handcuffing a woman in a truck.

“This is a wonderful integration of what’s necessary for success in the future for a secure and stable Iraq. Having women in the police will be great for the security. It is a great addition that will allow the Iraqi Police to provide even better security for the people of Iraq,” said Cannon.


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