Guns booming, missiles crashing, and soldiers yelling for help, in my mind this is exactly what I think my brother is walking into. My older brother Chris is going to be 22 on Friday the 12th, although I won’t get to wish him a happy birthday. Why? Because my brother has put a temporary hold on his life to help others, he is in the United States Army, and has just left for the sandy lands of Iraq. Chris joined the Army right out of high school thinking that it was going to be an exciting experience and a challenge. Now I think he regrets the decision he has made. I know that he is proud to be helping the people in Iraq, and protecting his family, and the rest of the United States, but I don’t think when he joined he knew he might be putting his life on the line.

My family along with many others is suffering great losses, many of our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers are being sent to Iraq to ensure their freedom and to protect the people living in the United States. I know that there isn’t any other way around sending troops there but I selfishly, silently wish that it wasn’t my brother, why couldn’t it be someone elses?

Also there is the occasional person that bad mouths what the soldiers are over in Iraq doing, usually when I hear those words I bite my tongue but one of these days im going to speak my mind. Do they really think these men and women want to be away from their families, in some strange place where there is the possibility of dying? That is highly unlikely they simply are just doing what they have to do so they can come home as soon as possible, and they don’t need citizens of the United States whom they are also protecting to be bashing them, what they really need is our support.

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