Summary of the Iraq War

There were thousands of U.S. troops sent to Iraq to fight. The Iraq war was a conflict within a conflict. The United States people were not in agreement about the war in Iraq. There were few reasons stated why the United States sent troops into the country of Iraq. Most of the reasons given were proven to be misleading. The author believes that there were a host of underlying reasons the U.S. government sent troops there. These underlying reasons were withheld from the United State citizens. The stated reasons and the underlying reasons for the war in Iraq will be discussed in this essay.

The United States government stated the reasons why troops were being sent into Iraq at the beginning of the conflict. One stated reason was that it was believed that the dictator, Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction that could prove detrimental to the stability of our nation and many other nations. Another reason for the Iraq conflict was to diminish the threat of international terrorism and promote democracy. Also, it was said that Hussein helped Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, achieve his goal of attacking the Twin Towers and killing many people. The author believes that one reason the U.S. government sent troops into Iraq to get the people’s minds off the dire day of September eleventh. This day was a milestone in the history of the United States when members of Al-Qaeda, hijacked an airplane and flew it into the Twin Towers in New York. Immediately following the bombing of the buildings, President Bush went on a manhunt for Osama bin Laden. To the nation’s surprise, the mighty Bush could not find bin Laden. Therefore, to take the focus off the real villain, bin Laden, the government decided to put the spotlight on Hussein, the man who supposedly helped kill the U.S. citizens on September eleventh.

Another reason the author believes that there were implicit reasons troops were sent to Iraq is that soon after the bombing of September eleventh the government announced that Saddam Hussein was protecting and supplying bin Laden with the needed weaponry and money. This is yet another way to take the focus off of not finding bin Laden. The people of the U.S did not know was that the U.S. sold the weapons to the Iraqi government. Therefore, if the Iraqi government was giving weapons to the cause of bin Laden, the U.S. was also giving to the cause. Then after the first reason was stated for the war “the helping of bin Laden “the U.S. intelligence went to the United Nations to make their case. Their focus was entirely on the weapons of mass destruction. It is now obvious that there were no weapons of mass destruction. The U.N. and the United States did an inspection and found nothing. The U.S. has captured the dictator of Iraq, and still no proof of any weapons of mass destruction has been found. There should have been more investigation done before the U.S. ransacked that country.

Many U.S. citizens felt that since Iraq supposedly had weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. was in danger. These citizens felt this way because the government blew the situation in Iraq out of proportion. Those who supported the Iraq conflict decided that since Saddam Hussein slaughtered his own people that was a reason to go to Iraq. This happened many years ago, the people in the country of Iraq continued to keep Hussein as their leader. If people of a certain country feel repressed, they will do whatever it takes to free themselves. An example of this is the American Revolution. In conclusion, the Iraq conflict was filled with deception of the U.S. citizens by the government. There should have been a multitude of reasons stated why the U.S. attacked Iraq. If there were less than a handful of a reasons stated for something as serious as war, those reasons should have been irrefutable. The war in Iraq could have been more thoroughly thought out. There were many lives lost for reasons that were very clear but contestable. Many of the reasons stated were to conceal the purpose of the war. The reasons were also to distract the citizens of the United States from what our first action should have been.

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