I have been given an English class presentation about the war on Iraq in Newsweek. I am allowed to operate any type of technology to convey my subject to the audience. In order to make my presentation effective: I will have to collect all the information on our present situation with the war on Iraq, formulate my main objective or goal for the presentation, organize a simple yet detailed outline of my presentation, and give both pros and cons, of U.S. going to war with Iraq.

Obviously, research work and pictures are needed first to start a project. I plan to use pictures and other sorts of media files to deliver an effective presentation to the audience. Some media applications that I will use are: video clips, audio files, and the Interactive Internet program. Applying audio and video files will help to simplify the subject context for the audience. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is important that the sender simplifies text into a “language” that the recipient will be able to understand. The Interactive Internet program will serve to show the audience, both the U.S.’s and Iraq’s views on each other. The way this will work is that, I will “hook” up with students in Iraq (English speaking) and ask them their views on Iraq’s diplomacy with the U.S. The Interactive Internet program will be done in the Library (Distance Learning room). This will be like video conferencing, except that in place of CEOs, there will be students. The time will have to be set during my presentation, so that the students

in my classroom will able to converse with the students of their school. The Interactive Internet will make my presentation both enjoyable and informative at the same time.

Different types of technology will have to be implicated to inform the audience on my subject. Some programs going to be used are: PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and a video projector. Microsoft Word will be used to make my main essay on the war with Iraq subject. PowerPoint will be used, because it creates a slideshow of notes, which is both time effective and simple, as compared to a poster. In order to present the PowerPoint presentation, a video projector will be used to display it to the whole class. Although technology will be used to supplement my presentation, it will not be my main concern for the project. The real “key” to my project will be the context of my presentation.

In order to influence the thoughts of people, both views of an argument should be presented objectively. Generally, people will make “mature” decisions, as to what side they prefer to be on, if one can “sell the idea”. In influencing people, technology can be applied to enhance the presentation, but most importantly it is the context and the way the presentation is presented, that will really influence people. In a working environment, technology is used to effectively enhance a company’s decision. A company’s decision is usually based on a decision that will make them have a higher yearly profit, or a higher amount of sales.

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