The exit plan to Iraq

When one gets excited with an idea, one thing commonly happens. They rush into it. They follow their gut and with an adrenaline rush, run into a situation blind and deaf. When George Bush diverted his attention to sad dam in order to bring recognition to the U.S, he definitely dug himself into a ditch.

To occupy a country is a hazardous task. It involves detailed planning. You must consider the culture and the different faiths and people it holds. One must also give thought to the leader, and his beliefs in running the system. What is that leader doing to help the country? And if he is not helping the country. What exactly is he doing wrong? And how can one change it.

A great example is Bush’s invading Iraq in order to reorder the government into a democratic one, dependent on a fair constitution and written rights, much like our own. It is almost an impossible task. In fact, the word “reorder” puts it mildly. To think of it in a vivid and plain manner, it is much like tearing down a huge and spectacular building built on uneven lands, and building a new one. Its difficult, for building the monument might be easy, but having it balance on uneven ground is a task, quite difficult to obtain.

The building one can look at as the Iraqi government Bush yearns to change. Yet the undertaking of building a smoother land for it to be built on is troublesome. One can look at the uneven ground as the major economic, and culture clash problems Iraq faced, even before the US invaded it. How will one correct a corrupt government and expect peace, while the Kurds for example, are still disdained today? In a country where few get along, and most don’t understand what the want in a system, it’s a joke to bring in a foreign leader to show the way.

Another question can be, “when will America “exit” the country?” No country is perfect; they all have their own issues. But when will America know when to stop. When will the US decide to leave the Iraqi troubles to the Iraqi people themselves? Will we occupy a foreign land until we scream so loud in their ears they are deaf? In this case, it seems the Iraqi’s were deaf before the USA even came along. And the use seemed quite blind before entering. The only thing we can hope for is that neither will remain mute.

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