The US Invaded Iraq For Oil

America invaded Iraq for oil.

Was the Bush administration’s push for war with Iraq motivated by their desire to gain control of Iraq’s oil reserves? The toppling of Saddam Hussein’s Government will provoke regime change to a pro U.S government, which will permit the privatisation of Iraq’s state controlled oil resources. This will then give U.S oil firms access to Iraq’s oil resources. Under the former Iraqi regime the big U.S oil firms were barred from Iraq by U.N sanctions. Preventing them from tapping into the world’s second largest pool of oil reserves. Recently the former South African president Nelson Mandela told a leading American magazine about his feelings on the United States decision to go to war with Iraq. Mandela said, “It is clearly a decision that is motivated by George W. Bush’s desire to please the arms and oil industries in the United States of America.”

Initially, we were told by the Bush administration that Iraq posed a threat to the safety and security of the United States. Bush also informed us that there is significant ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda, This was a statement which was later retracted by Colin Powell. But the main reason the Bush administration gives for going to war with Iraq was that Saddam Hussein posses weapon of mass destruction. Six months on and the U.S still haven’t found any evidence of W.M.D.’s.

The Bush administration has close ties to the oil industry; both President Bush and Vice President Cheney worked in the oil business. Forty-one senior Bush administration officials were former oil company’s executives or have substantial stock holdings or other financial ties to the industry. The Bush administration has also refused to increase fuel efficiency requirements for cars in the U.S because they know that the more the American people pump oil into their cars the better it is for the value of their stock in their oil companies.

The invasion of Iraq will could also help the Bush administrations oil tycoons. Prior to the invasion, Iraq sold most of their limited oil contracts to the Russians and French refiners. Leaving very little room for the U.S and Britain, as the U.N had imposed sanctions on the country so Iraq was limited to the oil contracts they were able to sell. This left U.S oil company’s having to buy their Iraqi oil of the Russian and French refiners at escalated prices. So the invasion of Iraq will benefit the Bush administrations oil interests, as a new regime will lead to the lifting of U.N sanctions thus allowing the U.S oil companies into Iraq. This will also cut out the middleman and the U.S could then buy the oil considerably cheaper. America could also then develop Iraq’s vast oil fields, which two thirds remain untapped.

The invasion of Iraq will be a cause of disappointment for the Governments of Russia, China and France who had been negotiating with Iraq over plans to develop its oil fields once sanctions were lifted. It becomes understandable why these governments didn’t want to go to war with Iraq, as a change in regime would jeopardise their oil contracts thus benefiting the U.S.

Today the America government still argues that their reason for going to war was not oil motivated. Connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda have been proved to be incorrect, thus forcing Colin Powel to admit that there is no connection. Weapons of mass destruction have not been found, yet the Bush administration is adamant they do exist.

Former Defence Sectary Madeline Albright believes that their was no reason to go to war with Iraq as Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and he was not threat to world security, she described Saddam Hussein as being, “firmly in his box”. The fact that Madeline Albright believed Saddam Hussein was no threat is concrete evidence that there was no need for war and Bush’s motives are oil motivated because she was after all the Defence Sectary just three years ago and if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction she would have known about it.

Now that no weapons of mass destruction have been found and connections between Al Qaeda and Iraq have been squashed. The only reason I can comprehend for Bush attacking Iraq was for the benefit of his Forty-one senior administration official’s oil interests.

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