The USA Cannot Be Justified in Iraqi War

The USA Cannot Be Justified in Iraqi War

O the morning of March, 20, 2003, Iraqi war wxploded with the first military bombardment of American military in Baghdad. Bush’s administration lauched this war for two altrustic reasons: Iraq has extremely vialated the human rights, and Iraq threatened the international security with weapons of mass destruction. However, the facts in post-war Iraq tell us that either is there liberation for Iraqi people, nor have the weapons of mass destruction ever been found. However the key issue is the oil.

Iraqi people have never been liverated by the US. Bush claimed that Saddam Hussein commited extremely “grave violations of human rights” in that thousands of political opponents and ordinary citizens were subjected to all kinds of spiritual and physical misery. Therefore, America should volunteerly “meet the challenge to help liberate the Irapi people from the “totalitarian state”.(Bush) In fact, what Iraqi people faced was horror and aggression. During the bombardmentof Baghdad, the western world was noved by the plight of Ali Ismail Abbas, the 12 years old boy whose father, brother and pregnant mother were killed by the missile that blew off both his hands.( no liberation, just pain and tears) However, hundreds of ordinary citizens are dying who should not die simply because there is a lack of adequatenursing, medicine, power and water. Moreover, male US soldiers even sexually assaulted women in many circumstances. Additionally,after Bush claimed victory in Iraqi war, it has been becoming increasingly clear that this war of liveration is a nightmare of occupationfor Iraqi people as the country descends in to anarchy, political division and mass poverty. The US-led military coalition forces could not even get the country’s everyday supply regularly, let alone the establishment of health and education services.(nightmare) The Iraqis’ misery is getting worse because the country’s agriculture is on the blinks of collapse: already 60% of Iraqi’s 24.5 million people are dependent upon UN’s oil-for-food program. Now, exposed the extremem shortage of food stuff and collapse of wated pumping stations, millions are facing malnutrition.(nightmare)

The US launched this invasion of Iraq under false pretext that Irap had weapons of mass destrucion. Bush claimed at the General Assembly that Iraq had large quantity of anthrax and other “deadly biologiacal agents” and Iraq was expanding and improving the facilities for the production of biological weapons (Bush). Nevertheless, mearly two months into the area, a search of more than 80% likely hiding places identifyed by the US turned up no WMDs ( US government lied). Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld suggested that the reason why pentagon could not find the WMDs was that they might nolonger exist, and Iraq may destroy them prior the conflict but no one could explain how the weapons could be destroyed so quickly and thoroughly.

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