Todays War

In the last class many controversial topics were brought up; whether or not we should be in Iraq, if what our president is doing is morally correct, whether or not protesting and standing up for what we believe in will actually change something, and if it is a waste should we settle and be practical, and of course were does god fit in all of this if he even fits at all. The topics that were brought up were very real and somewhat scary, but it was also comforting because we had a chance to express our thoughts and feelings on what’s going on.

The question of whether we should be in Iraq in some ways has no real answer because we don’t have all the information. From the information that we do have I feel that if we had not done anything what would stop this mad man from obtaining nuclear capability or the capability that he has now (chemical) and use it against innocent lives. If we were to stand by and let Sadaam oppress his people any more how would we differ from him. If what we here about his public executions, rape rooms and murders are true then why shouldn’t he pay for his crimes and horrible acts. Why should a man like this live at all. Then you have the Iraqi people who are caught in the middle or should I say the front because they are the ones paying with their lives. I cringe at the thought of innocent people dying but how could these deaths be stopped if the leader of Iraq stations his troops in hospital, schools and heavy populated areas. So if you think about it are we the enemy or is Sadaam, I say this because many students in class spoke of the U.S. as if we are the enemy. Some students mention the fact of oil and that we are there for that sole reason, and if we were would it be so bad, does this world not revolve around the idea of survival of the fittest.

Bush is he our savior or will he be our downfall. I”d go with both; it makes me feel safe that he could react so quickly to a threat but also scares the shit out of me that he could react so quickly to a threat. It seemed as if he already had this conflict in mind from his father’s term, somewhat waiting for the opportunity to strike. When I watch Bush he never makes any comment to the thousands of people that he is killing in Iraq as if they don’t exist. Is what Bush doing morally correct if we go by the bible then yes. In many situations in the bible the evil one is always punished, and in this case Bush is punishing the evil one. If you bring up the fact of thousands dying, god killed millions to prove a point. Some of the students believe in god and what he stands for, that’s why I don’t understand why they have so much hatred against our president, he is somewhat mimicking what god did. I brought up the point in class of all the people that god killed so that the chosen people could prosper and all the believers in class had no respond to why that was okay and what Bush is doing is so incorrect.

Protesting is it a waste of time some say yes some say no. I think the protesting that is going on for the war should stop. Protesting before the war could have had a positive effect and maybe even stopped the war, but now that the war is in play and soldiers are there fighting and dying what can protesting do but demoralize our soldiers. If they did not here you and listen to you the first time what makes protesters think that they would listen when they are in the process of their attack. I personally am realists I feel that if change can really happen then do something about it, but why fight a battle that cannot be won it somewhat seems foolish. The only voice we have is the one in our head.

What I don’t understand about people who believe in god is if he really exists why wont he help the people dying, why wont he put and end to this war. Why won’t he step in like he has in many parts in the bible? To bring god into this war I think is hopeless and would complicate things even more. Students in class were saying that the people involved with the war will pay and be punished for what they are doing. People who have this belief are quick to judge because it is what the bible has taught them not because they think its wrong. But what I say is when is god going to pay for his mistakes and the things that he has done.

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