U.S. Out of Iraq

Recently the United States has been in conflict with the Middle East. The declaration of the military operation in Iraq began March of 2003. The problems between America and Iraq have caused a great deal of hardships for both countries. The most noticeable reason for this is that we are losing members of our troops. President Bush assumed that Iraq was withholding weapons of mass destruction, but they are yet to be found. Also, the U.S. government has spent incredible amounts of money trying to re-build the Iraqi government. The United States should not have connections with Iraq or Iraqi government.

The citizens of America have to deal with the pain of saying goodbye to loved ones as they go off to war with the thought in their minds that they might not return. These soldiers are risking their lives to defend our country although most of them cannot legally drink or have just barely graduated high school. The thought of somebody’s daughter, sister, brother or son never coming home puts a great deal of stress and worry on a person. People are increasingly losing loved ones, but the government insists on sending more troops to Iraq. President Bush signed a bill passed by Congress for funds to secure Iraq and rebuild Afghanistan after touting a new policy to spread democracy through the Middle East. Many people agree with this attempt to scatter democracy for a greater good. But will it be worth the lives sacrificed? Possibly if we can control middle eastern situation. Still, many lives are being lost. The U.S. death toll in Iraq has surpassed the number of American soldiers killed during the first three years of the Vietnam War. It is hard to turn on the television without seeing on the news that more troops are being killed everyday, knowing that it is hurting the morality of the country.

President Bush declared that Iraq was withholding weapons of mass destruction in early 2003. Bush gave Saddam Hussein an ultimatum: he could leave his country and give up the weapons or face an invasion from the United States military. Hussein had 48 hours to make his decision. Hussein did not comply with Bush’s ultimatum so the troops were sent in to invade Iraq. Bush told our country that Saddam was withholding the weapons. The country found it hard to believe that Saddam was withholding weapons. However, chemical weapons were found, but as stated, weapons of “mass destruction” were not. I think continued attacks on Iraq with this suspicion could increase anti-American sentiment, and therefore increase acts of terrorism against the US or American citizens traveling abroad. It would also destabilize the Middle East and will certainly result in the loss of life of American service people as well as Iraqi civilians. For these reasons, an attack on Iraq would make Americans less, not more, secure.

As a result of the war and the conflicts with Iraq, the U.S. government’s debt is rapidly increasing. Pentagon official estimated that the war in Iraq had cost the United States $20 billion and that number was growing by about $2 billion a month since March 2003. Bush also signed a $79 billion appropriations bill to cover the initial cost of the war in Iraq, reconstruction and humanitarian efforts, and foreign aid to some of Iraq’s neighbors. Due to the United States” debt in foreign trade, we should not be setting aside money to form a new government of Iraq. The Iraqi economy should be sufficient to allow elections and have the Iraqi society controlled. Our government needs to look at problems arising in our country that are being overlooked due to the conflicts in Iraq.

The conflicts in Iraq are causing problems within the United States. The citizens of America are being affected greatly by this war. Many people have lost loved ones due to the war. The government has spent extreme amounts of money trying to resolves these issues. In most cases over 80 billion dollars. The citizens of the United States need to be informed of major issues that arise that could be detrimental to the future of our country. Although some people say that we cannot abandon Iraq and we need to finish what we started, but by continuing, we are causing more problems financially for our country. It doesn’t seem like what we are doing is making things better. We might need to have patience and wait for the problem to be resolved, but more problems are continuing to arise such as American troops involved with accidental deaths. Many people say that Iraq could still present a threat to the U.S. if we help or not. If we leave Iraq alone and not cause issues with them, then they might present less of a problem.

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