Victory in Iraq?

“Victory” in Iraq!


Today coalition forces easily finished off the last of the anti-American Saddam loyalist in Baghdad. This brings the end to a reign of terror and dictatorship in one part of the Middle East. The people of Iraq were thrilled to see the American troops coming to save them. The liberation of Iraq was much overdue and had it happened sooner the people would have endured a substantial amount less suffering at the hands of the Islamic fundamentalist. There are still many countries in the Middle East that are stuck in the past and are yet to adopt democracy and western ideology. The fall of Iraq is the biggest victory in the war against terror so far. The war in Iraq is over but the war on terror is far from over. There are still Islamic tyrants and organizations that are directly threatening homeland security. The threat is not only overseas but also right here at home that is why it is important that any American who values their families safety and loves their country needs to support the patriot act. Without this critical legislation the government won’t have the power needed to effectively seek out possible terrorist cells within the United States. We as Americans have the responsibility to take whatever measures necessary to ensure the continuation of our way of life. And we must the perseverance to do this with or without the support of other countries. American security is not a foreign priority. This victory is a victory for both the Iraqi and American people, our leaders should be brave enough to help people in need anywhere throughout the world.

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