War In Iraq

Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not, because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and doing about it. You and your country can unfortunately be classified as one of those who “do nothing about it.” Your decision to condone rather than to participate in the broad based multi-lateral liberation of Iraq was a very unfortunate decision. France of all countries should know the true horror of an evil dictator after experiencing the wrath of Nazi occupation in the Second World War. It may be cliché to say history repeats itself; but if you would have taken a look at the hard evidence, you would know history’s repetition was right around the corner and yes, I am referring to the infamous Adolf Hitler. The side-by-side comparisons of Hitler and Saddam Huseein are shocking.

Following the end of the First World War, Germany signed the Treat of Versailles bringing an end to hostilities while agreeing to a number of military and economic sanctions in an effort to avert any further conflict. Following his rise to power, Hitler repeatedly violated these sanctions, yet faced no penalties as he was repeatedly appeased by many nations. Like Hitler, Saddam Hussein agreed to a “cease-fire” to end the Gulf War and was subject to sanctions by the United Nations, time and time again Hussein has violated these sanctions with little or no punishment. It is nations like yours sir who make our world a more dangerous place with these policies of appeasement rather than accountability.

Like Hitler, Hussein has used the economic sanctions placed on his country, although not unfair by any means, as a rallying point against his enemies. And like Hitler, Hussein has used the historical borders of his country as an excuse to invade his neighbors. Hitler has invaded Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938 reclaiming land that historically has belonged to Germany, and before then, the Prussian Kingdom. Instead of meeting resistance, however, he was once again met with appeasement. Hussein, as you know invaded Kuwait in 1990 in an attempt to restore what had been the great Babylonian Empire, luckily unlike 1938 that invasion was met by a U.S. led liberation, and Kuwait was freed.

As if those comparisons aren’t chilling enough there are more, even more sickening and gruesome that exist. Adolf Hitler of course is infamous for not only the war he carried to the World, but the one he waged within his own borders as well. Hitler killed nearly 6,000,000 people in his concentration camps, including Jews, prisoners of war and political prisoners. They were killed by every means imaginable, most infamous of course are the gas chambers, but it did not stop there. There were an untold number of other horrific methods of torture used to kill his enemies. Many unthinkable to the average person.

What does the holocaust have to do with Saddam Hussein? Am I stretching the comparisons? No sire, not al all! Hussein gassed hundreds of thousands of Kurds in a 1991 uprising following the Gulf War, while his enemies disappeared daily from the streets of Iraq. As I write this U.S. forces are uncovering the mass graves of those who opposed Saddam Hussein. Evidence shows he killed a million or more of his own people, in any number of horrible, vile ways.

Yes, this is 2003, not 1939, no, Saddam Hussein is not Adolf Hitler, but the comparisons are still relevant. The reason I point all of this out to you is that you and your country of all those on the Security Council should know better. You have witnessed first hand the wrath of just such a person. Your sons have died defending your country from this kind of leader, and your citizens burned in ovens of his camps. But history does repeat itself Mr. Levitte, the world does not forget how your country laid down so sheepishly in front of the advancing Wehrmacht in 1940 as Great Britain stood and fought for her very existence. And make no mistake about it; the world will not forget how in 2003 you laid aside what was right for your own political interests while our men and women sacrificed themselves for the safety of everyone in the world.

As the United States and her allies continue to fight the War on Terrorism and fight for the freedom of people everywhere in the world, we will not soon forget the actions of France of the past year. We have historically been friends from the time of the Revolution, but this has no doubt put a strain on those relations. I would expect that in the aftermath of such a great victory France has seen the error in her ways and is prepared to make every effort in repairing the damage to the relations between our two nations. There is no nation on Earth more free or fair, and because of that the United Sates is more than willing to see to it we once again become the closest of allies and friends. You must realize, as we do, it is in the best interest of not only both our countries, but also the world.

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