War in the Middle East

War in the Middle East has been apart of our news media for as long as anyone can remember. Why is it that people and our United States government take such a concern about the events that are happing thousands of miles away. The way America is trying to take control of the situation in the Middle East is wrong.

There have been problems in the Middle East since the times of the bible. America can not send troops over to the Middle East and expect to solve problems that have thousands of years of history. The American government feels like it is their responsibility to have troops in foreign countries at all times. Back in January of 1984 Senator John Tower said, “Withdraw of American troops from Lebanon now would be disastrous” (Halloran A1). True at the time some form of troops might have been needed in Lebanon, but why does America feel like we have the responsibility to send our troops. The U.S. as well as Lebanon are apart of the United Nations, so why is there American troops in Lebanon and not U.N. soldiers. The reason the U.N. was started was to have an ordered body of countries to take care of military problems that would arise. The United States should not be taking over a job that is intended for the United Nations. The reason the U.N. is such a good idea is because since it is made up of so many different countries, when the U.N. has to make a decision, it will not make a bias decision.

On January 10, 1984 an article entitled “U.S. Said to Be Limited In Ways It Can Aid Iraq” was published in the New York Times. In this article it states

The Reagan Administration has concluded that the defeat of Iraq by Iran would be a major setback to American interests but that there is little the United States can do to help Iraq directly. The officials said a National Security Council study completed two months ago determined that despite concern here about Iraq’s ability to continue to battle the Iranians, there should be no drastic change in American policy.

There are two things that are wrong with this article. First off this article makes it clear that the U.S. is always looking out for its best interest. It clearly says in the article that if certain events happen in the Middle East then it will cause a set back in the American interest. It is just horrible to think that the only reason that America would want to help another country is to help the American cause. What ever happened to just doing what is right. Why must there be motive to do what is right. I am not against American presents in other countries, but when the only motivation is to further the American cause, that is not right.

Second the United States does not want to see the country Iraq bullied by neighboring country Iran; it is clear what the U.S.’s motivation is. Money, money is at the heart of every country in the world. There is a saying “He who has the money has the power”. So why would America care about what is happing in the Middle East? Oil, Iraq is one of the leading oil producing countries in the world. In the minds of American politicians, if we help Iraq then they will sell us oil for less money. If Iran were to take control of Iraq than they would be able to control the price of the oil.

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