Why The War With Iraq Is Wrong

On Monday, March 17, 2003 America went to war with Iraq. According to recent polls, 40% of Americans are against a war with Iraq. My goal, and the goals of all of those against the war, is to hopefully open the eyes of those who are pro-war and help them to realize this war is a mistake. I have researched this topic long and hard, and after getting both sides of the story (pro and anti) I stand very firm on my beliefs that this war is unjust. I would like to give you some of the reasons why this war on Iraq is wrong.

This invasion is unconstitutional. Bush is acting as if he has the right to attack Iraq whenever he feels like it. He couldn’t be more wrong. An attitude like that is very dangerous for a democracy. Our founders gave the right to Congress, and only Congress, to make the momentous decision of whether to take the U.S. to war or not. It says so in Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution.

It is against International law, which is quite clear: Country A cannot attack Country B unless Country B has already attacked Country A or is about to attack Country A. Iraq has yet to attack the U.S. Saddam knows that attacking the U.S. would basically be suicidal. No Iraqi has ever come here and killed any of our people, nor have they threatened to do so. Actually, if you think about it, under international law, Saddam Hussein has a better case for attacking us than Bush has for attacking them.

It violates the Christian doctrine of “just war.” President Bush claims he is Christian, and who wouldn’t believe him. He talks about God every chance he gets, he goes to church, and he leads us to believe he is a good, wholesome, Christian man. But, on Sunday, March 27, 2003, at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Santa Monica Boulevard, during mass, the Pope said, “This war in Iraq is not a just war and, thus, it is a sin.” Just war theory requires that all peaceful means to resolve the issue be exhausted. President Bush has yet to do so. Rumsfeld and Cheney are openly disdainful of getting U.N. inspectors back in, which would be the best way to grind down whatever program Saddam has for weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, just war theory also requires that the risks of doing more harm then good should be minimal. With this invasion, those risks cannot be taken lightly.

This war will result in the deaths of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of innocent people. It is the fundamental moral precept that every human being is of equal value. We, in the U.S., cannot turn our eyes from the great mass murder we will be committing during this war. It is arrogant of this empire to even think about such an act.

Iraq does not pose a clear and present danger. The White House says we should invade Iraq to keep Saddam Hussein from using weapons of mass destruction. But, during the 1990s UN weapons inspectors dismantled all of Iraq’s major chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons facilities and destroyed nearly all of Iraq’s weapons and long-range missiles. In terms of conventional arms, Iraq’s military is now at one-third of its pre-Gulf War strength. According to Ex-Marine and former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, Iraq presents “absolutely nothing” of a military threat. And given Hussein’s natural desire for self-preservation, it is highly unlikely he would launch any attack that would result in his destruction.

This is a war of choice; not a war of necessity, not to mention it’s a poorly thought out choice, one that will distract from the social problems here at home. It is estimated that any full-scale invasion of Iraq will cost up to $200 billion. During the first Gulf War, allies like Japan covered 80% of the cost. This time, it is up to US taxpayers–already facing budget deficits–to pick up the costs. Instead of spending $200 billion on an unnecessary war, we should be investing in our nations overcrowded schools and failing health care system.

We should not wage a war for oil. The Bush Administration says we must invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein has violated UN Security Council resolutions, is abusing his people, and pursuing weapons of mass destruction. Yet the US supports the nuclear-armed dictators of Pakistan and provides billions of dollars in aid to the governments of Turkey and nuclear-armed Israel, both of which are in violation of UN resolutions. The double standard makes one wonder: What is this war really about? Oil. Iraq has the second largest proven reserves of petroleum, and US oil companies, which exercise immense influence over the current administration, are eager to tap into Iraqi oil, which is wrong.

So, before you get all gung-ho about this war, know the facts, the truth. We are killing innocent people, wasting good money, and making our country look foolish because of the greed that one man possesses.

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