Why We Should Go To War With Iraq

America is tight with isreal, thats why the whole iraq deal happened, why desert storm was such a huge success was because iraq wasn’t able to get isreal involved you see because once it hit isreal, isreal would come back that would provoke all the other Arab nations to jump in so saddam now is basically saying yeah america hit me and ill hit Israel and you’ll see what will happen.everyone says we go over there for oil, no in 1991 when the war first started schartzcof *dont know how to spell his name but was the general in charge of desert storm* any way right before it started america and allies had very reliable Intel that said he had AT MOST 18 scud launchers (vehicle to launch weapons *biological or nuclear if need be*) when the war ended and we got to go through his stuff we found out he had no where near that many he had 215

if he could hide that much stuff from us right before war time and we have one of the best intelligence branches in the world what is he hiding from us now?

well forever the french have been losers about war wwII they give up and hardly put up a fight to germany then call to America for help,Same with Vietnam the FRENCH occupied part of it then N Veitnam invaded and they called to America to save them, then 9/11 happens they say to us: “violence should not be met with violence we need a proper way to solve this” because they dont want stuff to happen with iraq, the UN has had a embargo on iraq so we wont trade stuff with them so the french trade with iraq all the time because they can get their gas and other stuff real cheap with the embargo in place their the only ones getting stuff. but now we’re going to war with Iraq they are having all these peace marches saying we will only start wwIII. look how wwII was started ignorence, we let hitler build up and then kept our heads in the dirt then he took other small countries, while the French had peace treaties to talk it out, while America kept to themselves, we let it get so bad to the point where hitler was walking all over them and he took Poland finally they were like we have to do something now of course then it was too late thats why america is always sticking their nose in other peoples business ignorance is NOT BLISS Liberators have started running adds about the war with iraq all it basically says is that if we start stuff we”re going to get nuked because we are instigating the problem, but if they’re going to nuke us they are more likely to do it with our backs turned, like they did at pearl harbor, what they wanted to happen was to have the whole american fleet there the aircraft carriers were the most important target they weren’t there but they attacked any way, then the general partly in charge of the pearl harbor attack who was totally against it because with the aircraft carriers still operational it would be shooting off their own foot said after the attack “we just awakened a great giant that we cannot defeat.” but no one thinks like this hit them before they have a chance to hit us North vietnam has been saying we will not defer to the US, etc.. we just keep trying to buy time until we HAVE to fight

saddam is this huge glory hound. his family was really rich and had some power so of course like any kid growing up with alot of money and pollitical aspect he joined the military, couped the hole iraqi government and basically is IMO just like Hitler he uses a thug force to get the people to do what he wants them to do just like hitler had with he Gestapo, the Gestapo was basically hitlers hit men. He had them run errands basically kill any sort of up starts or anyone that posed a threat. Saddam says its a democracy but of course theres no one else running but him. he smart though, because he always manages to push the envelope and he really knows his limits. He always talks about going out in a blaze of glory, being in textbooks for good or bad martyr or terrorist it doesn’t matter. That’s what is tough, he has the smaller countries in his pocket.Like France, ect, because basically hes getting alot of the UN countries to get us to back down. its just that the french and germans dont feel like spending 3 bucks for a gallon of gas. he has 14 houses/mansions so its stupid to bomb them because he could be anywhere. neglecting the situation and procrastinating hurt us. Ignorance is NOT BLISS

-get him to confess what he really has- stupid because he never will hes a liar and has proven that theory time and time again.

– Exile. get him the hell out of iraq and out of power

– maybe a coup. get his top members to oust him out of power so a proper government can be set up but that always backfires

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