Win the Battle Without the War

In this time of uncertainty people are forced to make a decision as

to weather they do or do not support the use of military action to solve

global disputes. War, in my opinion, is not an option and thousands of

people agree with this as they are protesting the ongoing dispute in Iraq

around the world. There are many reasons not to go to war and despite

what many people may believe, there are peaceful alternatives to

military action.

It is a common belief, after WWII that when a country goes to

war it’s economy will receive a boost as a result of the war effort.

According to 2001 Nobel Prize winner for Economics Joseph Stiglitz,

people hoping for an economic boom from a war with Iraq will be

disappointed and in fact a war with Iraq will have a very negative

impact on the global economy. (The News Strait Times, Oct. 15/2002)

Times have changed and unless the entire country is affected, like with

WWII, the economy will not be boosted. We have already seen an

extreme rise in gas and oil prices as a result of the war with Iraq right

here in Canada, many people are barely surviving in order to pay the

ridiculous bills.

Vivienne Nathan, the head of science and ethics at the British

Medical Association says that even in the cleanest, most limited conflicts

people die and people suffer. ( news service Nov.

12/2002) In any conflict there is the element of the suffering of the

people in that country. In the ongoing U.S./Iraq war hunger and

disease are threatening the lives of millions of Iraqi people. No matter

what humanitarian relief is provided a lot of innocent people will suffer

or die. In any war there are casualties of solders on the battlefields but

no matter what precautions the opposing parties take to minimize

civilian casualties there will always be the unavoidable deaths of

innocent people “caught in the crossfire” so to speak. According to The

United States Civil War Center Website, in Vietnam an estimated 587

thousand civilians were killed and left approximately 900 thousand

children orphaned. Laura King A.P. writer for the Seattle Post

Inteligencer (Feb. 12/2002) says that approximately 500-600 civilians

died in the U.S./Afganistan conflict. The World Almanac places the total

death toll for WWII at around 45 million people. War is absolute


The aftermath of war is often the hardest for a war torn country

to deal with. If nuclear weapons are used the affects on the land and air

will poison and kill many people for years after the dispute has ended. A

war torn country will also have to rebuild the cities and infrastructure

destroyed in the dispute and find ways of disposing of the massive

amounts of solid waste left behind by the armies involved.

The ongoing war in Iraq is a good example of a dispute that could

have easily been avoided. President bush is taking the American tax

payers resources and capital, that should be going back to the people in

health care and housing and using it to fund an unessasary war with

Iraq. The United Nations Security Council was created to help in the

case of disputes like the one in Iraq. The UN should target Saddam

Hussein, not his people and country. If all the members of the UN tried

hard enough, discrediting Saddam we could have solved this dispute

without the need to go to war.

As urged by Human Rights Watch and others the UN should

establish an international tribunal to indict Saddam and his top

officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity. It would set

into motion both internal and external forces that might remove

him from power. (

Though every war action’s circumstances are different I believe

that if every government would just take the time to communicate

properly, with the supervision of the United Nations Security council,

and actually made the effort for peace, any dispute can be resolved

without the need to go to war therefore avoiding all the negative affects

that war brings to the world. War affects everybody directly or

indirectly and that alone should be motivation enough to bring the

violence to an end.



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