A Blunt Reality The Controversial Issue of Marijuana Legalization

Oscar Wilde once said, “Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace.” This is indeed what is required when it comes to the lately controversial issue of legalizing cannabis. Of course, several states have publicly legalized marijuana to the extent of medical use (with the exception of Colorado as it legalized both medical and recreational use). If something with a notoriously high capacity for abuse is forbidden but more and more exceptions are being made until everyone starts experimenting with it, we’ve got a problem on our hands. Although there are any number of reasons you can come with as to why marijuana should not be legalized, the bottom line includes its scientifically proven negative effects on health, the threat it poses to the environment, proof the growing marijuana industry is already treacherous territory, and how the financial difference everyone thinks it will make is really not all that great.

Marijuana has been proven to impair the ability to think and act sensibly in various ways. Its most common effects are short-term memory loss, anxiety and depression, distorted sense of time, paranoia, and impulsive thoughts. It is also highly addictive (like any drug); withdrawal can and probably will make people ruin their lives trying to feed their habit while the dealers grow rich on their suffering. This, of course, is the reason the drug trade has become such a problem. When people not of the best moral character know they can make money, they’re willing to exploit anything and everything in order to get what they want. Marijuana is addictive because of its high levels of THC. So, people are discovering more ways to increase the THC levels, like growing the marijuana in water. Marijuana has also been proven to kill brain cells, particularly in children. If made legal, use among youth will most likely skyrocket, which can lead to stunted opportunity and even a long-term 8 point drop in IQ. If cannabis was legally available to any adult and your doctor or pharmacist (or anyone who provides an important service to your family) smoked it before tending to you or your family, would they not be a liability Of it was smoked before driving a vehicle or flying a plane, they are subject to its effects and therefore the catalyst of any suffering they may bring upon innocent people. If marijuana was fully legalized in all 50 states, is this what you would wish on your friends and family As for the states who have already legalized medical use of marijuana, it is not approved by the FDA whose approval is mandatory for prescription pills. They support the stand that marijuana is harmful as do several other organizations in the field. Two other medications that were approved by the FDA involved two safely isolated components of the plant. The compounds of cannabis that can positively contribute can be safely isolated rather than coming with the harmful parts. Despite the fact that marijuana can be partially useful, when something is more dangerous than it is good, the law tends not to be liberal with it.

In addition to its harmful effects on health, marijuana also takes a toll on the environment. The plants require a lot of water to flourish, the people who run pot farms (both legitimate and not) are likely willing to go to any length to make sure their operation is lucrative. This results in the threat of millions of gallons of water being illegally siphoned void of regulation. Also, grow houses-particularly outdoor ones-include heavy use of chemical fertilizers. When growers dump out the old soil that still has these dangerous fertilizers, it tends to end up washing into rivers, streams, creeks, and such. This pollution has been linked to the formation of toxic algae and it has even led to the deaths of four dogs in the Eel River area because the dogs swam in the water and unwittingly licked the algae off their fur. (The Eel River in California runs in the hottest area for marijuana operations, and medical marijuana growers have made cannabis the top crop in the state as well as contributed to approximately 25% of its profit.) In the weed community, rats are notorious for eating and nesting in the plants, leading to frequent use of rat poison. Consequently, a toll is taken on the animals who prey on said rats, like the California fisher.

About 51% of Americans believe in full legalization of the cannabis plant, yet they don’t seem to be looking at what’s already happening in the states where it is legal, at least legal to the extent of medical marijuana. In California, four people were charged with kidnapping the owner of a lucrative marijuana dispensary and driving him to the desert where they thought he hid a large lump sum of cash. When they could not find it, they tortured the owner using a blowtorch, cut off parts of his body, and poured bleach all over him before dumping him on the road. Miraculously, he survived and the FBI brought the perpetrators to justice. But this is just a taste of the violence to come should the other side succeed in their goal. America is already dealing with other kinds of violence, such as the gun problem. Making cannabis legal means the government is taking an unnecessary and dangerous risk with everyone’s well-being, even the side who wanted it to happen. Pot addicts, competing grow houses, and thieves in general are people who will breed secondary crime such as robbery, murder, torture, and extortion in places where marijuana dispensaries are legal. True, those crimes already exist but the profit potential of legal marijuana will make things go from bad to worse. Do you want your loved ones living in a society where such violence is commonplace and they could be implicated in it solely for for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

One argument the other side is using is that the government could just tax marijuana sales. This idea is ludicrous because the social costs of legalizing weed will outweigh tax revenues. Using alcohol and tobacco-two other poisons-as a baseline, experts have estimated that for every $1 in tax money, $10 is spent on things like emergency room visits and extra drug rehabilitation. A myth linked to this argument is that marijuana smokers are imprisoned at high costs to taxpayers, but most of them don’t spend long periods of time in the detention house. Most, if not all the smokers who were jailed had other charges pressed against them. Even though people keep arguing the marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol, it’s still a drug. Sure, but you can’t always say the same of the people who use them. If everyone takes a deep breath and looks at the issue, what they should think-what madness is this, trying to create leeway for a drug that is proven to be harmful If you’re going to legalize marijuana, why not legalize cocaine too Why not legalize prostitution After all, you can just tax it, because that makes everything fine and dandy, doesn’t it Who cares if people are dying, lives are being ruined, and families torn apart The issue of legalizing marijuana is proof that the line between legality and morality is getting blurred. Just because you can legalize something doesn’t mean you should. No matter what the issue is, there’s always going to be people supporting the side opposite to what one would traditionally think. Although it may be fair to some extent to hear them out, to seriously start giving them their way in the marijuana case and others like it is absurd. Society will always have vices, but its basic moral values are as important to it as legs are to a table. If you keep making the rules more and more lax, you’ll knock out the legs one by one until there’s nothing left holding up society.

In conclusion, several reasons marijuana should not be legalized are because it is dangerous to health, it harms the environment, it’s already starting to backfire in the states where it is legal, and taxing it will not make everything better. Cannabis was originally not legal for a reason because it’s a harmful substance. Now that you know all of what marijuana does, the damage it will and is already causing, what’s your take on it

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