Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

Since it’s discovery, marijuana has been used as a recreational drug by many individuals. Marijuana has been always seen as a “safe” drug to use with no serious complications or side effects. Many marijuana users believe that it does not have serious side effects like cocaine, crack, and heroin. Many “pot-heads” believe that smoking marijuana is okay and it stimulates brain activity. Since the 20th Century, marijuana has been prescribed by doctors for use to deal with the bad effects of having glaucoma and cancer. Marijuana is currently okay to use for medical reasons on a state government level, but is still illegal to use on a federal government level. However, the debate over marijuana usage has gained momentum in recent years, and there are about ten states that have now legalized the use of marijuana. About eighteen states, have lowered the punishment for using marijuana and have “decriminalized” the usage of the marijuana. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States; it has the potential to boost the economy, solve countless health issues, and cut millions of dollars spent on drug enforcement issues.

The legalization of marijuana does not only benefit the individuals who need or want marijuana but it can also help the country’s economy. The number one reason why there are crime rates when it comes to marijuana possession is because it is illegal. More and more people get arrested even if not everyone possesses them for negative reasons. In 2016 more than 600,000 people were arrested relating to marijuana which is far more than the number of arrestees for all violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault (“About Marijuana”). When legalizing marijuana, less people will be arrested for the right reasons. Marijuana is in great demand, thus increasing the economy because more and more people will purchase it if it was legalized. With that being said, we can look at new tax revenues and compare marijuana to tobacco. When marijuana is legalized, governments can start taxing marijuana just like tobacco and start earning from it as well. The legalization of marijuana can also provide more job opportunities especially when it comes to industries and physicians, as well as private securities, and even delivery drivers.

Marijuana is the most valuable crop in the United States, at a value of over 35 billion dollars; it creates more revenue than corn, wheat, and soybeans combined. But it’s not the states or government that is getting income, its criminal organizations and drug dealers that are profiting. Legalizing marijuana would benefit states by providing them with much needed tax revenue. Not only that but legalized marijuana would also put criminal organizations out of business. Legalized marijuana would give parole officers more serious offenders and prisons would not be as overcrowded. It costs a lot of money to prosecute each marijuana smoker that is arrested every forty-five seconds in America and that adds up fairly quick (Steven Nelson). The war on drugs has cost taxpayers and civilians hundreds of billions of dollars, and there is nothing to show for it. Drugs are still easy to obtain, still being used, abused, and sold.

Marijuana should also be legalized because of its medical benefits. Written references to the use of marijuana as a medicine date back nearly 5,000 years. Well documented studies show that cannabis can relieve minor pain, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, movement disorders, and can help with insomnia. The active ingredient in marijuana is called THC. Studies at Harvard University show that THC has been found to reduce tumor growth in common lung cancer by fifty percent, it also reduces the spread of cancer in some patients (American Association for Cancer Research). Cannabis is also a very powerful appetite stimulant, especially for patients suffering from HIV or eating disorders such as anorexia. Studies also show that marijuana helps with multiple sclerosis, depression, headaches, labor pains, and menstrual cramps. Debby Haase, a nurse from Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee states “I think that the use of medical marijuana can drastically help certain patients here. It’s been a very popular topic here around the hospital and many if not all of the doctors are for it.” There are many doctors across the country who are fighting for the legalization of marijuana as they see it can help tremendously in their field. When compared to legal drugs, Marijuana is not physically addictive and the abuse problems are far less severe. Marijuana is also legal in fourteen states for medical use, and over 2,500 different physicians have recommended it for use by their patients. The medical field would receive the biggest impact from the legalization of marijuana. It is in the best interest for the government to legalize marijuana; it has the potential to save many American lives.

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States; it has the potential to boost the economy, solve countless health issues, and cut millions of dollars spent on drug enforcement issues. There will always be pros and cons in a topic that has controversy. However, marijuana has much more upside than downside. Marijuana has endless possibilities to help people with health related issues such as Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. There are already countless number of cases where medical marijuana has helped individuals overcome their disease. Also, removing the ban on marijuana will also remove the spending problem our country has by no longer spending millions of dollars enforcing it. It will free up our law enforcement so they can spend their time more wisely on things that actually matter like hardcore drug use and violence. Lifting the ban will also gift our economy a huge boost. The amount of money being brought in from the tax will be far more superior than any money received while the ban is in effect. In fact, the only people benefitting from the ban is the big pharma companies who is marijuana’s number one main competitor. Time will only tell when the ban on marijuana will be lifted; time will only tell when the people will finally have the ‘freedom’ that we were guaranteed.

In conclusion, Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States; it has the potential to boost the economy, solve countless health issues, and cut millions of dollars spent on drug enforcement issues. There are already a countless number of cases where marijuana has helped someone with health issues. It is ridiculous that it is not legal already due to the amount of positive feedback that it receives from citizens of the United States. Not to mention that marijuana will increase our economy immensely along with creating thousands of jobs for Americans. And if that doesn’t sell it, legalizing marijuana will allow our law enforcement to focus on more important issue which in turn makes our communities a much safer place to live. There are numerous advantages to legalizing marijuana with only a small handful of disadvantages. As long as there is a demand for marijuana there will be someone supplying it; so ask yourself why not just legalize it

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