Effects Of Soft Drugs On Society, And On Adolescent Youth

1 Introduction

I have written this essay in response to the essay prompt Recreational use of soft drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy is less harmful than alcohol consumption and therefore should be decriminalised. In this essay I will talk about the effects that soft drugs have on society, and on adolescent youth. I will also talk about my position on this matter, and what I believe is the right course of action to take in regards to the essay prompt.

After learning about the issues regarding both sides or the argument, I would choose to support those who oppose decriminalization of any drug. Drugs simply create problems that affect society in different ways. People believe that making drugs legal will take away the temptation to use them. This idea is wrong and far from logical. If the drugs are legalized, then they will be more accessible to the young, addicted and ignorant.

2 Body

Drugs have been a problem in society for a very long time and it is still an ongoing subject of debate. Different organisations work hard to keep people from using drugs, though a new issue has arisen. During the last few years there have been discussions in some countries to decriminalize soft drugs, including cannabis and ecstasy.

I believe it is wrong to legalize any sort of recreational drug, no matter what sort of effect it has on the user and society. All drugs have a negative impact on the issue, whether it be short term or long term side effects. There are already serious issues with legal drugs, including alcohol and tobacco that adding additional soft drugs to this list will just impact our society in a negative way.

2.1 Health

There is a reason on why soft drugs are illegal, and it is because they are dangerous to our health, and the health of others. It is known and proven that drugs can do damage to our physical and mental health. For example, it can weaken the immune system, lung capacity and memory. It can cause depression and and changes of personality. Drugs are also very addictive and to stop the abuse is very hard, because the withdrawal symptoms are vbery strong and painful. There is also the risk of overdose which can lead to serious harm or even death.

Although I disagree with the personal use of marijuana, I am in favor of medical marijuana. The Harvard Health Letter stated, In the states where medical marijuana has been legalized, it remains a federal crime to purchase, prescribe, or even posses the drug. So even in states where medical use of marijuana is decriminalized for medical purposes, people have been prosecuted under federal law for possessing or using it (Marijuana as, par. 10). In the case of Denver, Colorado, The residents of the city wanted to legalize the drug for personal use, not medical. Most of the people that use medical marijuana do not actually smoke the drug, but take THC pills (Marijuana in pill capsules) and related compounds (Marijuana as, par. 6). Dronabinol was initially approved to treat nausea in cancer patients; later, treatment of weight and appetite loss in AIDS patients was added (Marijuana as, par. 7).This way it is easier for investigators to control dosage per person (Marijuana as, par. 9).

2.2 Addiction

Another arguement against the decriminalisation of soft drugs is that it will get more accepted if it is legal, which will lead to the fact that more people will use them. When more people use drugs, it will increase the number of people who get addicted. It is also proved that people who abuse cannabis often try heavier drugs later, when the effect from the cannabis gets weaker.

I strongly believe that there are a great deal of people who

have not tried drugs out of fear of getting caught. If this fear were

taken from them, they would probably become drug addicts.

2.3 Expensive for Society

The result of drug abuse is thousands of addicts in denial. The good news is that the United States had 286 million dollars and 81,762 drug seizures due to drugs alone,

but the bad news is that the number of prisoners has reached 70 percent which will cost the taxpayers 30 million dollars a year to put them in jail annually. (U.S. Department of

Justice 1996).

some believe that if drugs were legalized it would drastically cut the crime rate in our society. Jails would be less crowded as well. He relates drugs to the prohibition of alcohol. He feels that if we do legalize drugs crime would decrease, and there would be a new market created to consumers. This would also create money for the government through taxes. This could drastically change our economy.

For several decades drugs have been one of the major problems of society. There

have been escalating views on the war against drugs and countless dollars spent on

rehabilitation, but the problem still exists. Not only has the problem increased but drug

elated problems are on the rise. Drug abuse is a killer in the country. Some are addicts,

while others become users.

The government could tax the sale of marijuana and use this income to lower the nation debt on the positive side. On the negative side, there would be an increase in people using the drug. Because of that increase there would need to be an equal increase in the rehabilitation programs, which would cost the taxpayers and the government more money in the long run

Legalising soft drugs would be awfully expensive for society. If more people use drugs, then the need for medical care and detoxification clinics will increase. Both are very expensive, but they will be necessary because addicts need treatment. The costs related to crime will also increase, because many drug addicts start committing crimes to be able to afford the drugs they need. Those who abuse drugs tend to stop caring about anything else but the drugs. That could result in that they neglect their jobs and other responsibilities. The number of accidents caused by being under the influence of drugs will very likely increase, because there will be more substances that affect a person’s concentration and abilities. Alcohol will no longer be the only dangerous substance which is associated to accidents in traffic or risky jobs. This will be one more cost related to drugs, and someone will have to pay for it.

2.4 Will Make it hard to regulate.

there would be an increase in

drug abuse due to its availability. Legalized drugs would become cheaper and more

appealing to people who previously had not tried drugs.

2.5 Comparison with other drugs (alcohol and tobacco)

. They claim the tobacco and alcohol cause enough problems and there is no reason to add a new product into the mix.

Alain also acknowledged that alcohol and tobacco causes far more harm in our recent society than marijuana, but it does not make rational sense to legalize a third addictive psychoactive drug

Some say that alcohol is just as dangerous as cannabis, but alcohol is legal. So why not legalise cannabis True, but why would we want to introduce another harmful substance, when we have enough troubles with the first one There are other ways to have fun than smoking pot. Others claim that just because someone smokes a joint every now and then it does not mean that he or she will get addicted. That is right, but the higher the number of people that use drugs sometimes, the higher the number of people that get addicted.

2.6 Education

high school drop-out rate will simply


2.7 Abuse

Addicts who tend to stop, not by

choice, would not stop because drugs would be more accessible if legalized.

Also will the drugs have an effect on the worlds future children if made legal. There is a higher possibility of drug abuser parents if drugs are made legal.

The overall drug abuse rate would be at a all time high and hospitals would be filled with overdose patients. This would also cause health insurance to increase as well. There would be more babies born with birth defects also. The main reason why drugs can not be legalized because people in our society would abuse the right, and overdose death would be extremely common.

2.8 Side effects.

First off it is important to understand the effects of cannabis use and its history. When smoking cannabis THC is the leading stimulant released. Cannabinoid neural receptors receive the stimulant, in result creates a temporary fogginess that affects motor coordination and shot-term memory. The effect lasts for around 1-3 hours and then a hang over from those feelings can sometimes last through the following day.

Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, including most of the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. Smoking one marijuana cigarette deposits about four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette

2.9 Employment

Audiences need to understand that 70% of drug users are

employed, and that the school bus driver who drives your children

to school could smoke marijuana, that the surgeon who operates on you

may have cocaine in his system, and that the driver in back of you may

be on speed. The debate needs to demonstrate graphically how the

common man will be impacted by drug legalization

No matter which side of the issue you stand on make sure you understand both sides of the argument before you know what your fighting for. People who only see one side of the issue might be blinded by the truth.

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