Essay on What If Marijuana Became Legal

Legalizing medical marijuana would reduce crime rates all across the United States. Marijuana is a widely used drug and a lot of crime revolves around it. A lot of money is spent on marijuana, whether it is at a dispensary in Colorado or police officers spending large amounts of money on drug busts.

Police officers want a strong relationship with the community they serve. Police want to catch real criminals who hurt real victims. It would save departments a lot of money because they are wasting their time focusing on something that is harming no one when there are real criminals out there during worse things. Police officers having strong relationships with their community benefit them, but also the people within that community. Why arrest people for possession of marijuana when there are people out there committing real crimes and killing people “Cops have limited resources, and spending them on marijuana arrests will inevitably divert them from other policing.” Adds officer Stamper, “In short, making a marijuana arrest for a simple possession case was no longer for me, ‘real police work’.” Adds Kirsten Gwynne from Rolling Stone Magazine, “Legalizing marijuana would help these crime rates go down significantly. “That brings me to another benefit of legalizing, police spend huge amounts of resources on drug busts. Legalizing marijuana would free up tons of police time and save money.” Says Kyle Burchard of the Great Falls Tribune, “With legalizing marijuana we would see a reduced crime rate, a better economy, and a benefit in some individual healthcare.”

Having medical marijuana legalized would greatly benefit our economy. Having cannabis stores would reduce the money flow into gangs. Gangs have a lot of ties to the marijuana black market, so with the legalization of medical marijuana it would greatly reduce the amount of cash flow into a gang. We have seen prohibition fail before. No matter how hard police, or any sort of law enforcement try marijuana will always be on the streets especially with its increasing popularity, which leads me to another reason, money. Marijuana is our nation’s largest cash crop, with the legalization our country would have so much more money, with marijuana bringing in anywhere from ten ranging to 120 billion dollars a year, which our economy would benefit from. It would also spark new tax revenue possibly generating more than 120 billion dollars a year. “The states could see a major economic boon because of the legalization. The new measure is expected to bring the two states more than $550 million combined.” Says Harry Bradford with Huffington Post. With our country in debt legalizing medical marijuana would have a huge impact on our economy which is needed.

“It is established scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans, marijuana overdoses are nearly impossible, and marijuana is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. It is unfair and unjust to treat marijuana users more harshly under the law than the users of alcohol or tobacco.” This was said by Shawn Radcliffe in an interview for The legalization of medical marijuana has sparked numerous studies and research programs on individual health concerns with using it. Marijuana is not a lethal drug as many studies have shown marijuana does more good for you than bad. In the last few years there has been an increase in cancer patients using medical marijuana to help the pain that comes along with cancer. It is used for chemotherapy patients helping with nausea and vomiting. There has never been one death recorded that is tied with marijuana, so it is a very safe substance. It has also been proven that marijuana freezes cancer cells which is great news for cancer patients. It has also been shown that marijuana stopped the growing, and shrunk a cancerous tumor that an eighteen year old girl had. “In some cases, increased pot smoking could end up being a good thing, especially if it replaces a night of heavy drinking.” Says Roni Rabin from the New York Times. So overall I think the legalization of medical marijuana is a great thing for cancer patients.

All in all, marijuana is a safe substance that could reduce our crime rates drastically, boost our

economy by bringing in billions of dollars which is greatly needed, and also help those who are fighting cancer.

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