Herbal Drug Legalization

The legalization of drugs has been a widely-argued issue within the unites states. Spawning many controversies about whether to legalize drugs. Drugs created in a lab through chemical reactions should not be legalized. Herbal drug or natural drugs should be legalized. The medicinal qualities and traits associated with specific herbal drugs outweigh the negative effects. The herbal drug that should be legalized is marijuana. While drug such as heroin originated from the poppy plant or cocaine which is derived form the coca plant are herbal drugs, due to the misuse and altering of it the medicinal qualities were perverted and therefore I wouldn’t recommend this drug for legalization. Legalization of the herbal drug marijuana would provide new medical treatment and promote homeopathic treatments as an alternative to chemical treatments. The effects would not only be beneficial to the medical field but the criminal justice system and the government.

The legalization of the herbal drug marijuana has already occurred in a few states within the United States. Its legalization is split into two categories, medical and recreational. Currently there are eight states which have legalized it for recreation use.Colorado and Washington DC were the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2012. There are 20 states which legalized the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes.Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has benefited tremendously.A boost in economy has occurred in terms of revenue due to taxes imposed on the sale and distribution for recreational and medical.Marijuana related crimes have decreased, allowing law enforcement to direct their effort to other crimes. Increased funding is now available to various organizations and programs besides law enforcement agencies. Overall, the criminal justice system has undergone a dramatic change in policing.More funding caused an improvement in the effective of law enforcement and strategies.

Georgia has several laws aimed to the prevention of drug use or abuse, if I was granted the ability to amend legislation and legalize a drug I was choose marijuana. The use of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use in Georgia is currently illegal. I would choose marijuana because of its medicinal properties which can help people with a variety health issues, for example study show when used by patients diagnosed with cancer improvement in conditions follows. Legalizing marijuana will create jobs lowering the unemployment rate in Georgia. The effects that states which already legalized its use are disagreeable.The effects on the criminal justice system would be like the other states. In Georgia, it would prevent overcrowding in the jails and prison. Also, it allows the Criminal Justice System to save money because there would be less people committing marijuana related crimes.

Certain restrictions on legalized drugs are still imposed to prevent abuse or unlawful behavior. If tasked with setting restricting, I would make it so that anyone carrying marijuana would be allowed to carry up to an ounce lawfully. However, if the amount exceeds and the person is found within 20 feet of government facility or 25 miles with distance from state line they should be arrested. This is the standard amount for the possession of marijuana in most states. Even though legal the position on crime should not lighten in fact it should be stricter. Offenses are inexcusable considering citizen have the right of use, those who abused should be held liable. If it is the person’s first offense I would give them 6-month probation, a hefty fine and require them to take a drug treatment. If they do it a second time I would give them 90 days in jail.

Drug dependency is still a possibility, but thanks to legalization funds are available to fund and create treatment facilities or options. For those citizens suffering from drug dependencies alternatives would be available to allow themselves to ween off the drug. Treatment centers specializing in withdrawal would be available for those suffering at an affordable rate. Services such as online chats or call services with counselors would also be available.

In Conclusion,marijuana is a natural drug which benefits the world. Unlike other illegal natural drugs such as cocaine and heroin its effect is not as damaging. The changes that Colorado, Washington and several states have undergone has shown progress and improvement and I feel that the policies should be adopted in the state of Georgia. The legalization of marijuana in Georgia would provide support for the economy and create hundreds of opportunities for advancement. Regardless of beliefs if a drug can heal illnesses and disorders it should not be illegal because criminalizing its use can potentially lead to more severe conditions including death.

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