Marijuana has always been a big deal in society, ever since it has become known as a street drug. In the current year of 2016, not only citizens abuse marijuana, Celebrities, professional athletes, and college students all abuse the substance for its benefits. We are becoming more aware how recently this year that marijuana has been legalized in ten countries and twenty five states in the United States of America. That is one half of our country that is able to use this substance. By legalizing marijuana we as in the country can reduce harm, save families, save money, and most importantly save lives.

The fake Time News Magazine ad that displays a visual for legalizing marijuana shows how the world is changing as a whole about legalizing marijuana. The quote “Is America Going To Pot?” is a simple, direct way to show their viewer the purpose for this content. “Is America Going To Pot?” serves, the country as a whole is questioning is this the right way to go, states are legalizing it and should we continue this route. Directly below the quote, two sentences in black are displayed saying, “The battle heats up over legalizing marijuana. PLUS: The latest research on what it does to your health.” Politically and as a country as a whole, arguments about legalizing marijuana found in homes, classrooms, political debates, on TV, and etc. It’s a topic that cannot be ignored after a period of time.

Due to the simplicity and how vague the visual is on which side they are on for legalizing marijuana, any viewer can display this. A viewer that is against or for it can display this an advantage to catch a viewer’s eye to talk about their side for legalizing marijuana. The visual is vague on which side they are on for legalizing marijuana, but the cause of those questions me as the viewer ‘s which side am I truly want to be on. The ad does not influence the choice for the legalization, the viewer itself does.

The carton of rolled joints of marijuana and bold font makes me think that the creator of this visual chose carefully how to display this message. I believe that the visual questions which side you want to be on and below it shows that facts about legalizing marijuana is found inside, so before diving in to find the facts, you are found questioning what side you are on. The bold red border around the image creates an attraction for the eye, the location of the carton catches your eye next and then the viewer eyes follows around the whole front page. The effect of these choices is critical because without knowing the creator of this visual has you questioning your own thoughts without asking and wanting to know more about the legislation of pot.

The visual itself does not provide its own education on the front page, but it implies there is a source of education on the topic inside The Times Magazine. Not finding education on the front page made me curious about the facts behind the legislation of marijuana, even though I go for the legislation of marijuana there was more information I was educated on because the visual left me curious and wanted to know why I chose this side.

By legalizing marijuana less harm will be caused. This creates high levels of crime; addicts are forced to commit crimes to pay for a habit that would be easily affordable if it were legal. Police sources have estimated that as much as half the property crime in some major cities is committed by drug users. More drastically, because drugs are illegal, participants in the drug trade cannot go to court to settle disputes, whether between buyer and seller or between rival sellers. When black-market contracts are breached, the result is often some form of violent sanction, which usually leads to retaliation and then open warfare in the streets. The saddest cases result in the deaths of innocent people: people like Donald Scott, whose home was raided at dawn on the pretext of cultivating marijuana, and who was shot and killed when he rushed into the living room carrying a gun; or people like the Rev. Accelyne Williams, a seventy-five year old minister. Rev. Accelyne Williams died of a heart attack when police burst into his Boston apartment looking for drugs the wrong apartment. Another prime example, Esequiel Hernandez, who was out tending his family’s goats near the Rio Grande just six days after his eighteenth birthday when he was shot by a Marine patrol looking for drug smugglers.

Many people use marijuana, as illegal substances, however, there are consequences for when you get caught. For an example Le’veon Bell is the Pittsburgh Steelers running back. He had a random drug test in the off-season and was tested positive. Steeler’s star running back Bell is now facing a four game suspension. Le’veon Bell violated the national football league drug policy. Some people are prescribed to medical marijuana to help them in certain cases, which is provided by a doctor.

Recently in the year of 2016 twenty five states has passed the law to legalize marijuana in some form. Four of those states, including the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Other states have passed medical marijuana laws allowing for limited use of cannabis. Some medical marijuana laws are broader than others, with types of medical conditions that allow for treatment varying from state to state. Other states have passed laws allowing residents to possess cannabis oil if they suffer from certain medical illnesses. In April, Pennsylvania became the latest state to legalize medical marijuana.

So many kids are growing up in today’s society without their parents due to marijuana. Too many parents have been separated from their children because they were convicted of marijuana possession, small-scale sale of drugs, or some other non-violent offense. Will Foster use marijuana to control the pain and swelling associated with his crippling rheumatoid arthritis. He was arrested, convicted of marijuana cultivation, and sentenced to ninety three years in prison, later reduced to twenty years. Are his three children better off with a father who uses marijuana medicinally or a father in jail for twenty years?

Legalizing marijuana has positive and negative feedback from those around our country, some do not want to legalize due lack of education about the health and government benefits of marijuana or due to past contacts with marijuana from conflicts with personal relationships with others or themselves. There are those that go against due to their religion and/or way they were raised. Legalizing marijuana will affect each person differently, there are those that will go against marijuana no matter what or who tries to differ their opinion, then some will change and go for it once facts are displayed in front of them. Not only does marijuana has health benefits and becoming legal in states, its will help our world economy. The visual will question the viewer, am I for legislation? Am sticking with what my religion says? And what about the way I was taught?

Legalizing marijuana can help the government save money. The federal government spends some sixteen billion dollars to enforce the drug laws every year all to no avail. For years drug war bureaucrats have been tailoring their budget requests to the latest news reports. When drug use goes up, taxpayers are told the government needs more money so that it can redouble its efforts against a rising drug scourge. When drug use goes down, taxpayers are told that it would be a big mistake to curtail spending just when progress is being made. The good news or bad, spending levels must be maintained or increased. “Also Scarce law enforcement resources will be better used to ensure public safety while reducing corrections and court costs. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales.”

The Times News Magazine of “Is America Going To Pot” visual is a simple, direct message that made viewers question their opinion, in my response I did research that saw both sides but made me stand for legislation for marijuana more. The visual did not want to choose a side for, which made it strong campaign; it made the viewer question themselves without their knowledge. Once they question themselves, they are curious and they are educated with the information and the quote “Is America Going To Pot” provides. In my opinion, it is a strong visual that can change a lot of people’s viewpoint with the time and effort behind each angle they took to create this ad. As this ad questioned myself, I educated myself and provided information to back up the positive impacts for legislation of marijuana with health, economical, and government benefits behind it.

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