Marijuana Is One Of The Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world which is used by million of people. If I now ask everyone that what is marijuana, they will easily say that it is a drug which nobody should use. People know that marijuana is bad for their health, but they still want to use it for fun. According to the research conducted by substance abuse and mental health service administration, 67 percent of the marijuana users are under 18 years of age (Marijuana Rehab Facility and Stats). The high use of marijuana is leaving bad side effects on young people, especially on teenagers. I believed that marijuana should be banned everywhere, and it should be legalized only for medical use. There are millions of people are raising their voices in support of legalizing marijuana. They are supporting the use of marijuana because they believe that marijuana is not harmless like cocaine and other. I know that marijuana is not like cocaine, but it is still a risky drug which can easily jeopardize human life and leave bad side effects on human forever. I am not saying all this because I am kind of person who likes to raise a voice against dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and another drug, I have seen with my own eyes that how continuously use of marijuana can destroy a teenager life. My cousin Sonia Harris was one of the marijuana addict teenagers whose life badly affected by the use of marijuana. After suffering so much from the use of marijuana, she is still suffering the bad side effects of marijuana. In some medical cases, marijuana can be use to reduce the pain, and cure another disease, but legalizing marijuana for recreation is not justify the suffering which marijuana will cause to teenager and adult.

Five years ago, my cousin, Sonia Harris was such a happy and joyful girl who used to think positively about everything. She used to tell me that she wants to go to medical school and become a pedestrian. During that time, nobody thought that she would become a marijuana addict soon. One day, she told me that her best friends were smoking marijuana illegally and were not having any negative side effects. I told her that she should stay away from her friends who are using marijuana and not think about using marijuana at any cost, but she was so close to her best friends that she also started to smoke marijuana. She told me that she had researched a lot about marijuana online and smoking little bit marijuana would not hurt her. I tried to convince her a lot, but it was too late because started to like marijuana. First, she was smoking little marijuana bit, but then she started to smoke marijuana a lot. Soon, she started to hang out with people who knew how to get marijuana illegally. She was becoming addicted to marijuana day by day and wasting her money to buy marijuana which could be used for something else. Before she started to use marijuana, She was getting As in all her classes, but she soon started to get Cs and Ds in all her classes because she was busying smoking marijuana that she did not care about she destroying her future. She was becoming paranoid and started to behave weird due to side effects of marijuana.

When she used all saving money to buy marijuana, she started to steal money from her parents, cousins, and siblings. It felt like that goal of her life was just smoke marijuana and do nothing. When her parents caught her stealing money, she bravely told her parents that she is stealing money because she wants to buy marijuana. She even did not feel ashamed that she is telling her parents that her daughter has become addicted to marijuana. When her parent refused to give her money, she threatened them that either she will commit suicide or kill them. When her mom told me about this, I could not believe that she is the same girl who loved her parent so much, but she is threatening to kill them because she wants to smoke marijuana desperately. Her parent tried to help her and told her she has to go to a recovery center because they wanted her to become like before and not use marijuana anymore. She was so addicted to marijuana that she could not even imagine her life without using marijuana, so she ran away from her house and started to live with bad people. Soon, she became a prostitute and did so many other illegal things to earn money to buy marijuana. She did not realize that what she has become and doing with her life. One night, she was driving on the road at 95 miles per hour and was so much under the influence of marijuana that she did not see two people are walking on the side of the road and ran over them. She survived the accident, but now she is living with the guilt that she had killed two innocent people and had to spend whole her in prison. My cousin is an example of what happened when you become addicted to marijuana. I always used to think that marijuana is not dangerous like other drugs cocaine and heroin. After seen what my cousin had been through because of marijuana, I believe that marijuana is also dangerous and unstable drug like cocaine and heroin. If the government decide to legalize the use of marijuana, then millions of teenagers will suffer like my cousin suffered because of marijuana. There are tons of research which have proved that higher dose of marijuana can cause the impairment in person.

According to University of Washington scientific research, continued use of marijuana affect a person memory so much that heshe can not even concentrate on simple things and face a hard time learning new things (Adolescents and Marijuana). In Washington state, a survey conducted by Health Youth states that high school students who heavily use marijuana usually get lower grades such as Cs, Ds, or F’s in school compared to those students who do not use marijuana (Adolescents and Marijuana). Marijuana hurt the teen developing brain. The teenager ‘s brain is not developed like an adult brain is, so it has a lot of developing to do, but smoking marijuana in a young age can affect the development of the brain and leave negative side effects on teenager ‘s brain forever. The use of marijuana is not only harming today’s generation, but it will also harm the future humankind. According to two large European studies, people who use a high dose of marijuana are seven-time likely to be responsible for fatal accidents compared to a driver who had no used marijuana or any other drugs (Does marijuana use affect driving). If my cousin had not been driving under the influence of marijuana, then she would not have run over two people. The other main problem is that marijuana stays in our system for longer than any alcohol which can cause hallucinations for many days. The other disadvantage of marijuana is that continued use of marijuana can cause 8 points drop in IQ from childhood to adulthood (Adolescents and Marijuana). These are all the side effects of using marijuana which my cousin experienced. If marijuana is legalized in United States and all around the world, then more and more people will become addicted to marijuana like my cousin became. When my cousin started to use marijuana, the marijuana was illegal in many states of US, but she still got access to marijuana. If the use of marijuana become legal, then people will freely use marijuana. Nobody will be able to stop them because they will say that marijuana is legalized because it is safe to use.

Marijuana is too dangerous and illicit drug for recreational purposes, but it can be used for medicine to cure some disease. According to research conduct by scientist, marijuana can be used to cure glaucoma (Loria). Glaucoma is an eye disease which builds up pressure in the eyeball, causing optic nerve and loss of vision (Loria). In this case, marijuana is useful because it is preventing blindness. Researchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found out that marijuana has a chemical which stops the spreading of cancer in the body (Loria). Marijuana has other medicinal advantages such as it reduce anxiety, slows the progression of Alzheimer ‘s disease, relieves arthritis discomfort, reduces some of the awful pain and nausea from chemo and other diseases (Loria). Marijuana is good as long it is using for medicinal purposes, but it should never use for recreational purposes.

People who want that marijuana should be legalized only see the medical benefits of marijuana, they don’t see that what happen when people start to use marijuana for personal fun and become addicted to it. My cousin paid a big price for using a high dose of marijuana and still paying. My cousin never recovered from the bad side effects of marijuana, and I don’t want any other person to suffer due to marijuana. Some drug should be used only for curing disease and should be available only to a scientist who made medicine. If people will know more about how the personal use of marijuana can have a bad impact on people lives, especially on young people, then they would never agree to legalize the use of marijuana. One of the biggest reason that marijuana should not legalize because it would damage our society and future slowly but surely.

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