Medical Marijuana is the Future

How long does it have to take for Indiana to recognize that marijuana is the furture of medicine For years marijuana has been referred to as a bad drug but just recently people are now understanding that marijuana has so many uses towards medicine. That is why 20 states (including Washington D.C) have legalized medical marijuana in their states. So why hasn’t Indiana legalize medical marijuana Well there are three reason that could change Indiana’s mind. Medical marijuana should be legalized in the state of Indiana it has proven to kill a portion of cancer, Indiana could charge tax on it, and marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco combined together. Those are just three important reason why Indiana should legalize medical marijuana.

Cannabis can kill a portion of cancer.

Marijuana is often referred to as a drug, but this “drug” has been proven to kill a portion of cancer and help other diseases. Marijuana for years has been judge as a harmful drug for teens and adults, but in reality marijuana saves lives and helps patients with pain who suffer from severe diseases. Besides helping patients with cancer, marijuana has also help people who have diabetes and anxiety. Marijuana can’t cure these diseases but it does help patients who suffer from pain keep calm and relieve their pain. “Nonetheless, cannabis has recently been the focus of medical research and considered as a potential therapeutic treatment and cure for cancer.Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. While not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis.” (“Cannabis Can Cure Cancer”). As shown marijuana has so many uses to people with diseases and can make pain less harmful for people. The author of US Patent wrote an article on a doctor who stated “Cannabinoids, including THC and cannabidiol, promote the re-emergence apoptosis so that tumors will stop dividing and die.” Since hearing this, many states have decided to legalize medical marijuana in their states. So why does the state of Indiana prevent their residents from being able to use a safe plant that wasn’t man made, but lets their residents use pills that contain so many harmful chemicals Marijuana just can’t help destroy cancer cells but also helps people who are not able to eat. Marijuana has this effect that makes you get hungry when you inhale it which is also known as getting the “munchies”. When getting the “munchies” it helps people who have bulimia or stomach cancer to be able to eat. Why is this Well it’s simple, marijuana produces a chemical called THC that tricks the brain into thinking it hasn’t ate all day making the human body hungry. Getting the munchies can be great but the bad thing about it is that people who get the munchies usually like to eat junk food most of the time. Marijuana has so many uses so why not let your residents take a safe medicine that can cure disease instead of taking manufacturer drug pills.

Indiana could charge people who buy medical marijuana with taxes.

If the state of Indiana was smart enough to legalize medical marijuana, they would be able to tax it and make a profit out of marijuana. States like Washington and Colorado have realized this and have decided to legalized medical marijuna in their states. Between the first day of legal marijuana sales, Jan. 1, and Jan. 8, Colorado has served thousands of people and accrued more than $5 million in taxes. Just imagine if Indiana where to legalize medical marijuana how much of a profit they would gain People all over Indiana are demanding to have medical marijuana legalize in their state not because it gets them “high” like the government believes, but because marijuana has proven to have so many uses. At the end of the day the state of Indiana does not pay taxes, but the people living in Indiana do. So why not let the people have the option to pay taxes on medical marijuana Just recently Indiana had a pole on how many people would like for medical marijuana to be legalized in their state while being taxed. The outcome was that fifty two percent of Indiana was in favor of legalizing medical marijuana while forty eight person of people were not in favor of legalizing it. How much money does Indiana spent on trying to stop user from using marijuana a year 2 million a year 15 million how about 42 million dollars a year! Just imagine all the money Indiana could save a year by just legalizing medical marijuana in their state. It has been proven that if Indiana legalizes medical marijuana it could raise 5 million dollars of taxes in the first week! After Indiana would legalized medical marijuana they could easily make more money on marijuana than what they spent on trying to stop users from smoking it. So Indiana what are you waiting for This is a great chance for the State to make easy tax money without even having to spend money on marijuana

Marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco combined together.

Alcohol and Tobacco combined cause 518,000 deaths a year, while no one has ever died from smoking marijuana. For years Marijuana has been treated as a drug and often referred to as “the devil’s plant”. Yet a lot of people don’t know that Marijuana was legal in the United States in 1937. So 1why did the United States ban a drug that has over a 100 uses It is ridiculous that alcohol, which destroys brain cells, is allowed to the public while marijuana (which actually helps repair and produce new brain cells) is discriminated as dangerous and toxic to the human health. When you ask people about people who drink beer they think of normal people just drinking beer but meanwhile if you asked people who they believe smoke weed, they would automatically would think of junkies and hipsters. ”President Obama, states Lynda Garcia from ACLU, with his high school buddies, known as the Choom Gang, who, allegedly, were very into smoking weed. And as The Nation points out, Obama has company—Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush before him both admitted to using drugs.How is it, then, that we continue to enforce our marijuana criminal laws with seriousn consequences for some American youth despite the fact that the last three presidents all used drugs” This proves to show that even Presidents have smoked weed and has never once affected their lives. As shown before marijuana helps destroy cancer meanwhile tobacco (a legal substance) is the number one reason why people get lung cancer. Yes, both substances require you to smoke it but the difference between the two is that marijuana helps clean your lungs, while tobacco causes your lungs to fill up with tar making your lungs black and useless. Now many people blame marijuana to be the “gate drug” because people believe it to be addictive even tho it has been proven by doctors that THC (chemical that composes marijuana) is in matter of fact non addictive meanwhile nicotine (chemical that composes tobacco and cigarettes) is addictive. So why have two legal substances that cause serious health issues to the human body, yet have cannabis, a substance that has over a hundred helpful uses towards medicine and daily uses be illegal.

So Indiana at the end of the day would you like to be a state that prevents a useful and safe plant to be illegal in your state, or have a useful and safe plant be medically legal in your state so it can help patients with cancer survive and not feel any pain Or better yet boost your state’s tax income by making a profit out medical marijuana by taxing every user who buys medical marijuana. Lastly why not approve a safe plant like marijuana in Indiana by proving everyone wrong and showing them that you are smart enough to know that marijuana is the future of medicine. So Indiana What are you waiting for Make a change in your state by making the right choice in approving medical marijuana for the future of medicine.

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