Persuasive Essay On Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug that is spreading all around the world and is now proven to be the most beneficial drug out there. More than 25 million Americans annually use it each year. If the country legalized it then everyone would have more jobs available to go around such as harvesters, dispensary clerks, distributors, or croppers. Thus, the unemployment rate is lowered and America could make more money if they taxed it (Jack). Not only could they tax it but also save more money because they would not have to lock up those people getting arrested every year. That way America could lower the country’s debt and then there is a lot less people in prisons. It would save the country billions of dollars each year and make billions more each year. This country needs to tax anything they can because taxing marijuana would bring in so much more revenue and America could also trade with other countries. Marijuana has also proved to help cure diseases such as glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, and other cancer diseases. It is proven that it can help alleviate pain, regain their appetite, help in slowing down tumor growth, help with dizziness, and help a patient go to sleep. THC, which is the main ingredient in marijuana, helps a cancer patient to gain back their sense of smell and taste so that person can regain their appetite. Medical Marijuana (oil) helps the dizziness by stopping their vomiting and keeping their food down and gain weight. Medicinal Marijuana has proved to help relax patients and helps them go to sleep faster and easier. All around the world, many scientists have been trying to cure cancer for awhile and why not start with legalizing marijuana that helps everyone (Free Webs).

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Marijuana also will help create a lot more jobs around the country. These jobs could be ones like croppers, harvesters, or clerks in dispensaries. Some of those people could start businesses doing that and then more people are hired throughout everywhere. Much of the country will want to trade and the businesses that grow marijuana will be able to distribute and trade it. Other foreign countries would want to trade with us which just adds up to more of our revenue and as a result lowers the country’s debt. Marijuana industries would be just the same as alcohol and tobacco industries because they are also very popular. Industries would have the same jobs and America could market it everywhere. People could also go to college with whatever they want to major in for the marijuana industry. Colleges could of course give out degrees and then there is more people going out of college with jobs instead of the 25 percent of people that go live with their parents after just graduating from college. College graduates could get business degrees or go into professions for farming marijuana. WeGrow is a company that specializes in hydroponic supplies — everything you need to grow legal weed, their stores have it. Each franchise creates about 75 legitimate jobs, ones that likely would have remained in the shadows, profitable only to shady dealers, had old laws remained on the books. Farmers could also help make marijuana a lot safer to grow by professionally knowing how to grow it. Also farmers would grow in a healthy environment and would save tons of wasted electricity and water. Each WeGrow center would create 75 jobs and a good number of businesses would also evolve. The market is huge out there for marijuana and is estimated that illegal marijuana is an industry that pulls in about $36 billion a year just in the United States. There are lots of farmers that aren’t doing so well economically and if this drug was legalized it could possibly help give off more money to those farmers and then we have a lot less people in poverty.

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Marijuana also helps the government significantly and if it is anyone that gets the most benefits out of legalizing marijuana is has to be the government. If America legalized it they could tax it. So far in Colorado which has been a test trial of what it is like for marijuana to be legalized for re- creational and medicinal use, they have made about $2.01 million in a year. That number would continually grow every year because more people would want to try it. Also it would help save the country a lot of money by not having to spend $7 billion a year on marijuana bans. The government could use more of that money towards people that are hardcore drug users and need programs that will help them out. Legalization of marijuana would also lower the country’s crime rate by a lot because there are so many arrests that involve marijuana. Typical arrests involve drug dealers or possession. When the law does this they might be taking family members that are the main supply of income and leads to more families going on welfare programs. Arresting people for marijuana makes the justice system more expensive and less efficient. The government could start trading marijuana with other countries. Many countries are out there that have legalized marijuana and are always looking for other country’s imported goods. So much of Americas tax money is used each year to keep harmless people in jail that just want to use marijuana so they might be able to feel relieved and happier. Law enforcement has nowhere near as many worries as having to worry about people that want to smoke marijuana and leaves a lot less people in prisons. It is estimated that a marijuana industry could easily be $100 billion industry. So many people are out there that like to use marijuana and there are approximately 2.4 million people a year that try it for their first time. If the objective is to prevent the use then the law is failing at their job. America needs whatever they can take to

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lower the debt and certainly needs to lower the unemployment rate.

In 1545 cannabis spread to the western hemisphere where Spaniards had imported marijuana for its use as a type of fiber. In North America it was grown on many plantations for use in rope, clothing, and paper. By the 1930’s cannabis was regulated as a drug in every state. By the 1970’s, many places in the United States started to ban the possession or sale of cannabis. Medical marijuana was also banned in the 1990’s. Marijuana was classified as a Schedule I drug according to the Controlled Substances of 1970. It was classified as having high potential for abuse, no medical use, and not safe to use without medical supervision. Now the government’s decision about marijuana laws have definitely overlooked because they see now how much it can really help people. The government hasn’t looked so much to re-creational use but the most beneficial one has to be medical because that is one of the main reasons they are going for.

Marijuana has always given off a great feeling to those people going through depression. When people inhale it the THC which is the main ingredient gives off a happy feeling. Usually depending on whatever type of bud that person might get would give them that high feeling for around three to four hours. People can either it weed with food such as the most commonly known food weed brownies or just smoke it.

Weed has been claimed to be dangerous but really isn’t. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana. Marijuana has proved to not cause any deaths comparing to all of the drugs that are used such as tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana is nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol. Alcohol can easily impair you. Alcohol counts for 110,000 people die each year involving some way of

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Alcohol whether it be drunk driving or alcohol taking completely over your body that might get that person in danger. Another statistic also shows that tobacco, probably one of the deadliest drugs, kills around 5 million people a year. While on the other hand marijuana proves to do no damage. There have not been any reported deaths in America that shows someone dying of using marijuana. Marijuana is a plant that is in a sense that does the same thing as aspirin, but without the harmful effects to your liver.

Prohibition towards marijuana has proved to not work at all. People will still smoke it even if it runs the risk of getting them caught. Look back at the Prohibition against alcohol in the 1920’s. So many people had bootlegged alcohol and more people would be put in prison. Nothing was going to stop people from doing what they like. This is why they had repealed the 18th amendment of banning liquor. Approximately there are 2.4 million people a year that try cannabis for their first time. Obviously prohibition is not working for America. The government tries to do whatever they can do to stop it but all their doing is wasting their money and time looking for those people. They can try to catch as many people as they want but would never get any farther. Prohibition towards marijuana costs this country at $7.7 billion per year. Enforcement of marijuana laws is racially discriminatory. Proof for marijuana prohibition advocates would be high enough if the laws were enforced in racially neutral manner. But of course we know how pre- judgmental this country is and how racial it is.

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