Persuasive Essay On Weed

Finally, the last reason why weed should be legal is that being illegal is actually not stopping anyone from smoking or trying it. In the United States reported by with a survey that they recently done that there is actually more American at this time that report to smoking weed than ever before. It reports that 45% of Americans admit to smoking or trying cannabis for personal use, which is the most in U.S history (Sanger).

Is smoking weed less harmful than drinking According to weed is less harmful than alcohol because of that fact that alcohol is everywhere you are able to get from the story or it is easier to find someone to buy it for you if you are under age. They also found that people that drink have a higher dependence on alcohol in fact it is 6 percent higher than those who are dependent on weed. People who smoke weed have a 9 percent dependence rate and alcohol drinkers have a 15 percent dependence rate. I know that’s not much, but when we are talking about people that 6 percent difference is a big one. Also when compared to death by weed and death by alcohol there is a huge difference because researchers have not been able to find any deaths that have been clearly linked by weed (Bebinger).

The legalizing of Marijuana would bring the United States out of debut according to the article How Legalizing Marijuana Could Reduce The Federal Deficit by Huffington Post report 13.7 billion, yes that’s billion with a B could be saved by the United States every year if they would decide to legalize marijuana throughout the nation. Huffington reports that 7.7 billion of that money would come from not having to enforce the laws against weed and the other 6 billion would come from the tax profit that would be made if it was legal. The goal for the United States to legalize weed would be to cut the national debt of almost 1.3 trillion dollars in a couple of years after legalizing it (Graves).

To think that legalizing pot would bring down crime rates has always been an argument when discussing about making it legal and when Colorado decided to legalize it that came up and studies have showed that with them legalizing it crime rates have went down in the state. This is a good indication that with legalizing it nationwide that crime would go down as a whole in the United States (Schlender). Within one year of pot being legal in Colorado in 2014 the crime rate went down 14.6 percent, that is a huge decrease in just within one year (Colorado).

US Represented reports that the use of hemp pulp instead of tree pulp could save hundreds of aces in trees every year, because hemp makes a lot more pulp with using only half of the amount of acres of trees that would have to be cut down in order to get the same amount of pulp that can be made from hemp. The other benefit is that you can make paper a lot faster from hemp pulp than tree pulp simply because it takes a lot longer time for trees to grow than hemp plants (hemp).

Legalizing weed will also help those that have chronic pain such as nerve pain reported my that just a couple of puffs from weed could help a person with chronic pain get relief and will be able to sleep better at night without having surgery or taking all different kinds of medication (Doheny).

With all that being said weed should legal in the United States because of the possibilities that can be used by making it legal. The money that can be made from taxing it is incredible when we are in a time where we need to make the most money as we can as a Nation. The health befits with smoking it can be a safe and effected way of pain medication for the people dealing with chronic pain, these are my main points on why it should be legal and common ground that could be used for legalizing weed is to make it legal for medical use throughout the United States so that people that actually need it can get the help that they need and the government can tax the weed that they sell to the dispensaries because it shows that if people want it bad enough then they will pay what they have to in order to live a healthy life.

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