Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Are drugs always bad for people? The first impressions of drugs are probably that drugs make people lazy, make people sick, and make people uncontrollably addicted to drugs. Cannabis, which has several names such as marijuana, weed, pot, dope, hemp and so on is listed as Schedule I, referred by the Drug Enforcement Administration which means marijuana is highly addictive and dangerous material. However, Marijuana should not be in that category because marijuana has useful functions. Marijuana is different from other drugs such as Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin because marijuana does not contain hazardous chemicals as much as Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin have. Legalizing marijuana provides several benefits to people and the government. Legalizing marijuana educes crime, it has positive effects on serious physical symptoms, and it can bring massive amount of economic benefits

One of the reasons that marijuana should be legalized is the fact that marijuana reduces crime. Some critics might argue that marijuana causes many crimes, and therefore, marijuana should not be legalized. However, the State of Colorado, which allows the use of marijuana, experienced a huge decrease in the number of crime incidences involving marijuana after passing the marijuana bill, to seventy seven percent between 2012 and 2013. There were seven hundreds and fourteen cases of tiny amounts of marijuana possession for each month before the legalization, but seven hundreds and fourteen cases diminished into around one hundred cases after marijuana legalization. Also, the cases of the possession of marijuana of more than twelve ounces decreased down to seventy three percent, and the cases with possession of under-five ounces for distributing have lessened sixty seven percent (Makay). Another crime often associated with marijuana is that marijuana dealers might not be able to report their cases to the police when they get their marijuana stolen. The marijuana dealers might get revenge from people who steal their marijuana. People get revenges again and again without reporting to the police. Such violence is not due to of marijuana itself, but it is due to the fact that it is illegal. Once the marijuana becomes legalized, there will be no middlemen when people try to get marijuana; they would to go the dispensaries directly. Legalizing marijuana prevents people from trading marijuana in the black market, and it may arouse neighborhoods’ fear of illegal marijuana trading. For example, compared with prostitution in certain place in Las Vegas where prostitution is legal, prostitutes have a right to call the police when something happened while prostituting (Gittleson). When people try to sell something illegally, they cannot report it to the authorities.Also, people who are not opposed of legalizing marijuana insist that the addiction of the marijuana enhances the crime rate. However, according to Scientific American, the percent of people who became addicted were only nine percent, whereas people who have tried alcohol was fifteen percent, and nicotine was 15 percent (Chan).

Next, marijuana law should be legalized because it relieves patients’ sufferings from health disorders. “Endocanabioids” which can be found in cannabis improve autonomic nervous system and enhances immune system. “Endocannabinoids” improve cardiovascular function and helps to treat epilepsy, migraine, cancer, sleeping disorders and so on. Marijuana’s medicinal uses are known as effective of nausea and bring appetite back. Some people might suggest that smoking marijuana damages lung, heart, and other body organs. However, according to a research cited by Reed states that consuming small amount of “tetrahydrocannabinol (HTC)” can actually help decrease the damage on heart if the blood cannot flow well. The result shows tiny amount of THC might not be the worst when people have heart failures (Reed). Americans gradually agreed with legalizing marijuana for medical purpose. The number of supporters of marijuana is gradually increasing. More than forty percent of Americans think medical marijuana should have been legal in 2009 whereas only twelve percent of Americans were favor of legalizing medical marijuana in 1969. The amount of people who make an objection of legalizing marijuana was drastically decreased from eighty-four percent to forty percent between 1969 and 2009 (Katel). The use of marijuana is welcomed by Americans who took advantage of marijuana, and they testified that marijuana reduces their pain or cures their diseases. A 9-year-old boy whose name is Zander has severe seizures since he was nine months old. His parents tried so many different medications; however, Zander was not getting better. Sometimes, some medicines made him worse. One day, Zander’s parents watched a documentary regarding marijuana which cures diseases. After watching that document, Zander’s parents gave their son small dose of marijuana for seven weeks. Surprisingly, Zander was able to stand straight and walk normally (Santos). Likewise, marijuana is a great resource of health disease treatment, it gives many hope.

Lastly, marijuana should be legalized because allowing marijuana is economical. Law enforcement should not spend time on arresting marijuana smokers. The police focus on small crimes such as arresting petty marijuana possession, and not on big ones such as murder or kidnap. Furthermore, more than fifty-one billion dollars are used on the war on drugs in the U.S. every year. Approximately two million people were in the jail in the U.S. arrested for non-violent cases. Eighty-eight percent of people arrested only for possessing (“Drug War Statistics”). There were 12,408,899 people were arrested by the law enforcement. A half of them, 757,969 were involved in marijuana crime. Where does the money come from to keep these people? Americans who pay taxes have to “support” the inmates around $44,765,690 to keep the individual inmates in jail for educating them, providing meals, giving transportation, clothing them, maintaining facilities, providing health cares, and paying wages for officers in jails. It costs approximately forty-four billion dollars more than thirty years which is greatly expensive over misdemeanor (Papastrat). Limiting marijuana causes huge amount of enforcement costs. The forty-one billion dollars can be used for further needy purpose such as for government, community services and education systems. Also, if marijuana becomes legalized, government can be funded by the tax from marijuana sales. This tax revenue will increase, for marijuana will be rendered like other products which have standard for tax. Marijuana manufactures will have to pay tax; marijuana stores have to pay tax as well as marijuana users. This will lead marijuana sellers and buyers to the public (Miron). For example, federal government collected around seven billion dollars every year from cigarette taxes (Saul). All in all, legalizing marijuana will benefit to government and overall to the citizens with enough funds from tax, saving budget from law enforcement, and jail expanse.

In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because legalizing marijuana reduces crime, it has several health benefits, and it is economical. The state of Colorado is experiencing great reduction on crime rate; legalizing marijuana also makes marijuana dealers report crimes related to marijuana. Also, legalizing marijuana has positive impacts on our body. Medicinal purpose of using marijuana helps people who have epilepsy, seizures, and sleeping disorders along with the increasing supporters. The last reason that marijuana should be legalized is that it is economical. The taxes from the marijuana market can be aided government. Marijuana legalization allows the law enforcement to work effectively by concentrating serious crimes than petty crimes like marijuana possession, and enables save money from maintain jail facilities and expenses for inmates.

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